How to Reduce Golden Retriever Shedding?

The list of why golden retriever owners love their dogs will be long. But shedding isn’t one of them. By now, you already know that this breed is distinct for its hair, which somehow makes its way into every surface of your home from furniture, to carpets, to clothes. How to reduce golden retriever shedding? It can be traced to the breed’s double coat and its fluffy and plushy undercoat with a furry layer on top. Their warm and fuzzy undercoat is soft to touch, but it is challenging to maintain. Although golden retrievers only shed lightly most of the year, which typical of every double-coated dog, they do shed copious amounts at least twice a year.

Why Golden Retrievers Shed– How to Reduce Golden Retriever Shedding?

How to Reduce Golden Retriever Shedding

Before discussing how to control the shedding of a golden retriever it is crucial to understand their coat and its importance and why they shed.

Although they have tantalizing fur that is nice and soft to touch, there is a lot more to it.

Golden retrievers have a distinct double coat made of soft and plushy undercoat and an outer coat that is long and smooth.

The coat shields them during hot and cold seasons while the undercoat is water-resistant and shields them from dirt and debris.

All mammals, including humans, shed fur or hair to a degree, so it is perfectly natural.

Most Goldens blow out their coats in the spring and fall season.

Golden retrievers shed all year round, but it is during these seasons that they shed the most.

Golden retrievers are relatively easy to clean and maintain.

Their fur is soft and often clumps together, so when you’re sweeping it away from the floors or wiping it out of your clothes, it will easily come off in pieces that are similar to dust bunnies.

Ways on How to Reduce Golden Retriever Shedding

The following are tips to manage excessive shedding of your golden retriever. It ranges from house cleaning tips to cleaning your dog and everything in between.

Tip #1: Daily Brushing

The optimal way to minimize shedding is to brush your golden retriever regularly.

It gets rid of dead fur off from your dog’s skin onto the brush instead of being stuck on your dog.

Tip #2: Rub Them Down After Brushing Them

This is a good way to keep the fur out of your house. After you brush your dog, there are likely to be tons of four wedged on their coats.

These furs tend to become airborne. After brushing your dog, brush them down with your hands in the same direction as the fur growth to get rid of the loose fur that the brush could not get rid of.

You will be breathing a sigh of relief that the fur is now ready to be put on the trash or thrown in the yard instead of being trapped inside your house.

Tip #3: Have a Bathing Schedule

Use running water and your fingers to get rid of even more dead fur from their coat. It keeps their coat clean. However, there are three warnings when it comes to bathing your golden retriever:

Never bathe your golden retriever too often. Too much bathing can reduce the natural oils that keep their skin healthy.

Ensure that you have rinsed them properly after bathing. They tend to have tons of fur, and it is easy for the soap to get trapped in between and not be rinsed out. Soap that is left on the skin can irritate your dog.

Make sure that you rinse your dog’s coat properly. Golden retrievers are vulnerable to hotspots, which is a result of moisture being trapped on their fur.

A majority of golden retrievers react well to a bathing schedule of 1 to 2 times per month, depending on how much activity they do outside. Try to see if they play on dirt, grass, and turf. How much do they play with other dogs? Do they swim?

Another thing to note is that managing shedding is influenced by bathing and the shampoo used.

Tip #4: Use A Good Dog Shampoo

Utilizing human shampoo or subpar shampoo with either low-quality ingredients or too many chemicals can harm your dog’s skin.

It may dry out your dog’s skin and leave it flaky. But in the worst-case scenario, it leaves their skin vulnerable to buggers such as parasites and bacteria.

Ensure that the shampoo you are utilizing is formulated for dogs.

Tip #5: Swimming

As discussed, water helps get rid of extra dead fur from the coat that brushing cannot.

Similar to giving them a bath, be sure to dry them properly to keep their skin healthy.

Tip #6: Professional Grooming Services

In addition to brushing your golden retriever regularly, you can also pay a visit to a professional groomer.

These experts can help trim your golden retriever correctly and give them a soothing bath and brushing. They will also pay attention to the care and maintenance of the nails, paws, and so much more.

Tip #7: Good Nutrition

top-quality dog food can aid in the health of your golden retriever. It keeps their skin and fur shiny and smooth.

Healthy skin will normally shed, whereas unhealthy skin and fur can increase the shedding.

Although nutritious food may be pricier, you will end up with a happier and healthier dog, and you will save money along the way since you will be paying fewer vet bills.

Tip #8: Low-Stress Levels

Similar to humans, dogs will lose their hair when they are stressed. Dogs shed more when they are stressed.

The following are tips to keep the stress levels low:

  • Make sure to feed them regularly.
  • Give them physical activities.
  • Provide an adequate time for rest and sleep
  • Make sure to play and bond with them.

Tip #9: Watch out for Allergies

Allergies in the food and environment can result in skin irritation. Your dog will suffer rashes and excessive shedding. If you observe any of these signs, consult your vet for possible solutions.

Tip #10: Watch for Infestations

According to experts, infestation such as fleas, ticks, and similar parasites can result in skin irritation, rashes, and even excessive shedding. Use medication to eliminate these parasites but consult with your vet first if you think it is indeed the root of the problem.

Tip #11: Fish Oil Supplements

Omega 3 fatty acids have plenty of benefits for humans. It keeps their joints, skin, and heart-healthy. The same benefits apply to dogs.

Consult with your vet to see if it is a good supplement for your golden retriever. But a majority of owners already give fish oil supplements to their dogs and only have raves about its effects on their dog’s coats.

Tip #12: Keep a Lint Roller Ready

How to reduce golden retriever shedding? There is no way of avoiding it. The beautifully soft and golden furs will eventually land on your clothes. Some owners have a lint roller ready, so they can always roll the fur off if it lands on material that is expensive and luxurious.

Tip #13: Vacuum Often

It doesn’t matter how much you brush, bathe, and swim with your golden retriever; fur will eventually get trapped and land around your house. How to reduce golden retriever shedding?

A majority of owners will have a hard-working vacuum cleaner such as the Roomba and Dyson.

It is crucial to vacuum at least twice a week with an unforgiving vacuum cleaner.

Tip #14: Shedding Increases After Spaying Or Neutering

Changes in your dog’s hormones will impact their shedding. They may shed copiously right after a spaying or neutering procedure. However, do not worry since it will soon pass.

Tip #15: Never Shave Your Golden Retriever

How to Reduce Golden Retriever Shedding

Never shave or cut your Golden’s hair extremely short. It is a huge no-no.

How to reduce golden retriever shedding? The importance of a golden retriever’s double coat has been extensively discussed, and shaving or trimming it off takes away their natural protection.

Some people assume that they are doing their dog a big favor during the hot summer months by shaving off their hair. This is a huge disservice.

The Golden retriever’s undercoat shields them from both hot and cold seasons, so it is best to avoid shaving or to cut your golden retriever’s coat too short.

Tip #16: Avoid Using Pills or Sprays That Claim to Reduce Shedding

How to reduce golden retriever shedding? A majority of these products will contain harmful chemicals that can be unhealthy for your golden retriever. Instead, apply the tips discussed to help you manage the shedding of your golden retriever.

Tip #17: Get Used to Shedding

How to reduce golden retriever shedding? Having fur all over the place is part of the sacrifice of having a golden retriever. The presence of shed fur is a small price to pay for the soft and beautiful fluffy coat you get to hug and snuggle with every day.

If you’re ever frustrated at the layers of hair trapped and covering everything in your house, simply hug your golden retriever and bury your face on their bosom. Remember how fortunate you are to have an amazingly sweet and beautiful animal in your home.

How to Keep Shedding Under Control– How to Reduce Golden Retriever Shedding?

How to reduce golden retriever shedding? Grooming and coat maintenance can help you manage shedding and minimize the amount of golden retriever fur that gets trapped on your carpeting and becoming airborne around your house.

Brush them

How to reduce golden retriever shedding? Regular brushing works best because it helps eliminate all loose hair. If you cannot brush them every day, aim for a schedule of at least two thorough brushings each week.

Give your dog a bath

How to reduce golden retriever shedding? Giving your dog a bath regularly utilizing rich oatmeal shampoo will help them have a healthy coat without leaving it dry.

High-quality meals

A diet with high levels of fatty acids and digestible proteins will keep your dog’s coat strong and in optimum condition. It will reduce excessive shedding.

Vacuum regularly

To keep your home fur-free, vacuum every day. It is the best way to get the hair away from your carpet and your couches.

Furniture covering

To have zero hair on your couches, cover them with a cover that is washable.

When Do Dogs Shed the Most? — How to Reduce Golden Retriever Shedding?


​Winter and Summer

How to reduce golden retriever shedding? Your golden retriever’s coat will naturally adjust according to the season and daylight exposure. If your dog spends time outside, their undercoat will develop to be thicker and warmer for the colder months. It will tend to shed more during spring.

Losing the Puppy Coat

How to reduce golden retriever shedding? Golden retriever puppies have an extra layer of thick padded fur coat for warmth during the initial six months of life. You’ll probably notice how puppies have extra soft and fluffy hair. But they will shed this coat entirely after six months to provide space for their adult coat. Since they will naturally get rid of their puppy coat and transition to an adult coat, you can expect excessive shedding during this period.

Neutering and spaying

How to reduce golden retriever shedding? Have you neutered or spayed your dog? Adult dogs will typically shed excessively for several months after this procedure. It is even more enhanced with males. This is due to the impact on testosterone levels and other hormones that are responsible for the thick and shiny hair follicles.

A bad diet means bad shedding

How to reduce golden retriever shedding? Your dog’s diet will have a huge impact on how they shed. A dog that has poor nutrition and minimal exercise will tend to have dry and itchy skin, as well as damaged hair roots and high levels of stress.

Make sure your golden retriever is well fed and cared for, and they will have an amazing healthy coat.

Your golden retriever is a large breed, and you should research to discover what works best for your furry friend. Factor in their age, size, and other factors such as allergies and food sensitivities.

Examine the label and steer clear from big box commercial stores that sell generic brands. Shop at stores that have special knowledge about the products they are selling. A food high in fatty acids and healthy protein sources will give your golden retriever a strong, healthy coat.

Final thoughts

You will inevitably find yourself sneezing and coughing from your golden retriever’s shed fur. But a majority of golden retriever owners have managed to live with this breed’s shedding. How to reduce golden retriever shedding? Remember to be vigilant about the cleaning and maintenance of your house as well as your dog. Stick to a grooming schedule to make sure things don’t get out of control.

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