How to Remove Ticks on Golden Retrievers — Easy Solutions!

Apparently, finding and removing ticks on golden retrievers is somewhat challenging for us. But, we are truly blessed with the dog products of today, and also some recent discoveries on preventing ticks through natural remedies.

Ticks are one of the most notorious enemies of your golden retriever. It may not be as deadly as it seems. But surely as for dogs, they itch the hell out until they become irritated and usually react to it by making a sound.

Whether you are finding the cure or remedy for your golden retriever’s tick through commercial treatment products or just a natural home remedy, this article is what you need.

We are going to lay out the details, weigh in some pros and cons, and also some useful tips on how to properly care for your golden retriever when there are ticks and fleas ruining their life.

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What are ticks by the way?

Ticks. Those little pesky tiny critters that are usually residing on a dog’s coat be it the undercoat or the topcoat. These tiny critters are known as parasitic arachnids and they are among the dog’s worst enemy along with fleas, ticks, and mites. They primarily depend on the dog’s blood because it’s their favorite meal.

The ticks are active when it’s springtime often when it reaches 4 degrees celsius and up, but their pick season is during the warm season. Specifically, the ticks’ favorite place in dog’s body parts are under the base of ears, feet, neck, and close to the head.

These tiny creatures are seen to the naked eye, that is when they grow big enough from sucking blood. Fortunately, they are easy to detect than mites which can only be seen through microscope level. Also, their bites are not painful but it provides some itch when they are sucking the dog’s blood.

Ticks carry multiple parasites and diseases which is why they should be removed once you get a visual on them. In some cases, those diseases and parasites can make your dog sick and it can potentially lead to severe health issues depending on the intensity and also the immune system of the dog. That’s why most dog owners ensure they are properly taking supplements that protect the dog’s skin and coat; boost the immune system as well.

Why in the world ticks love my dog’s blood?

Not necessarily they love the dog’s blood. They are just part of the parasitic arachnids that prefer warm-blooded animals. Dogs contract ticks when they are out in an environment where there is high grass, woods, shrubs, or grass. Ticks basically wait for the perfect moment to ambush their target. Think of it they sort of lie down and just waiting for a target by ambushing them. That’s what the tick’s life about and for us dog owners, it’s been an issue because they really bug our furry friend whenever the ticks reside on the dog’s body

Different types of ticks

Brown Dog Tick (Rhipicephalus sanguineus)

The Brown Dog Tick is the most common tick and its name came from the actual color of the tick which is brown. You will often see this tick on domestic dogs. They are throughout the United States and also in other countries where warmer climates are present.

They usually develop indoors and they normally target your dog and rarely on humans. Also, they are notorious for infesting your dog’s body if they likened the area so much.

These Brown ticks usually found in crevices of every household, even in furniture, draperies, walls, under rugs. In short, they are just everywhere in your home waiting to ambush your canine any moment. These tiny critters will become visible enough when they are fully engorged.

American Dog Tick

These tiny little critters, also known as wood tick feeds on hosts such as dogs, cattle, and even humans. They rarely infest the household because they much prefer in the woods. American Dog Tick can be found in the regions of Midwest, Eastern, and also in the Pacific Northwest, as well as in Canada particularly in the east of Saskatchewan. What draws them to get to their host is they are attracted by the smell of it. Often they can be encountered on trails, recreational areas, roads, paths, and in grassy areas.

They thrive in those areas and they just crawl around and sometimes wait for animals or humans to pass by. These pests carry diseases that can harm your dog’s health. In addition, these ticks can cause tick paralysis to your dog and it might lead to muscle weakness and respiratory disease.

Lone Star

The Lone Star ticks live in bushy and wooded areas just like the wood ticks. They come in two different colors namely tan or brown. They are commonly found in the places of southern, eastern, and Midwestern states. Lone Star ticks are like vampires, they are susceptible to sunlight exposure and live mostly on shaded areas. They can move quickly. In just less than five minutes, they no transferred to the dog’s body and even in a person’s leg. Like all ticks, they must be removed immediately because they can transmit diseases.

Common places where ticks love to hang out golden retriever’s body


It’s dark, hard for the dog to reach, in short, it’s the perfect dwelling place for the ticks. Upon making it to the dog’s body, they will scout for dark areas where it’s difficult to find them. The armpit region is one of the most common and prone body parts where ticks love to reside.

Under the neck area

Because the neck area usually has a thick coat and this is also their favorite place to hang. Especially when your dog has a collar and when the collar has taken off, underneath the dog’s neck, there are multiple ticks residing on the area. Even you can hardly notice at first, but after a few days, they are like swarming the dog’s neck. That’s why it’s important to remove the collar often and check your dog’s neck underneath and even on the sides to check if there are any ticks trying to suck blood.


Sometimes you can even mistakenly thought that it was just eye gunk when it’s actually a tick sucking from the dog’s eyelid. Most of the time, ticks are like ninjas, they always reside unnoticed. Next thing you know, your dog has a little thing on its eyelid. When you got a visual on this, immediately remove it because it’s near the eye and we all know that ticks carry parasites and diseases along with them.

Hind legs

Another favorite part of ticks is the underneath of the dog’s hind leg. This is due to its dark and moist region, and ticks would likely want this part. You will only notice it when your dog starts to scratch on their groin part and seeing the ticks all over the part while the dog is removing it.


Again moist and dark is one of the qualities that ticks love. If these two qualities, they will sure invade the part. When it comes to the tail, usually it’s the underside near the anus is the tick’s most favorite place. Most especially if your dog has thick fur like a golden retriever that is very prone to ticks. The simplest way to prevent such tick buildup is to comb your dog regularly. Not only it removes excess hair and distributes its natural oil, but also its purpose is to prevent any ticks.


These are definitely the hardest to reach are of a dog’s body part. Many ticks prefer going to the corners and in between the dog’s toes because dogs can’t simply remove the ticks. You will notice if there’s a tick if your dog is suddenly chewing his feet excessively or constantly, and you know that this time, it’s a tick.

Ears and head

Dog’s body structure has many mini crevices that sure ticks would love to dwell. If you notice your dog is shaking their heads more often than usual and scratching its ears, you know that it’s a tick that keeps on bugging them. Be sure when you are grooming your dog, check the inside and outside f the ear as well as the base. Also, check also the head if there’s any tick showing up even if it’s tiny.

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Ways to prevent ticks on golden retrievers

Tick collars

Tik collars have anti-flea and ticks features. This is an additional preventive measure and it only covers the neck and head area of your dog. They may still reside in the dog’s dark and moist regions where it is out of the range of the tick collar. If you are going to put this collar, make sure to have at least 2 fingers allowance on the neck to avoid discomfort. Also, it’s important to read the instruction first before you wear this to your dog. Remember this only repel for a short period of time, the effectivity of this is not long. You must still regularly groom your dog.

Tick sprays

If there are tick collars, there are also tick sprays that are widely available on the market. Tick spays are very effective which can kill ticks instantly. This is great if you are going on a camping trip in the woods and a grassy place. Ticks sprays can serve as a repellant for ticks. However, you must take caution when applying this to your dog because it has chemical contents that are harmful to your dog. Also, you can use this in-between dips and shampoos for extra protection and a longer effective rate.


Shampoos are still the reigning and reliable treatment or prevention from ticks. Because shampoos contain medicated ingredients that have specific purposes, it’s an excellent choice if you want to remove the ticks. It’s less expensive also. But keep in mind that the effects of it will not last for a long time, but only for just a matter of days. Dog shampoo is just an added preventive measure so you have the assurance that ticks are going to stay away from your dog for a long time.


Another useful method of prevention is tick powder. Its effectiveness is good but just like shampoo, it will not going to last long. The powder is usually applied after a dog’s bath. Be sure to read the labels first because some dog powders have strong chemical content that can be dangerous to your dog’s health. Best to apply a dog powder once a week to see the best result and that ticks would just go away. Only a small amount will be enough. Aim for the common parts where ticks reside. Never apply it near their face, mouth, or eyes.

Spot-on treatments

If you run out of some of these options and so desperate to kill, if not, expunge the ticks, better to use over-the-counter medication. These treatments are available on the market and under your vet’s prescription. Having this as a treatment is very effective both fleas and ticks will be removed right away. They also prevent any parasites and potential diseases come into your dog’s system. Just don’t buy this treatment if you don’t know what you are doing or without any consultation with your vet. More importantly, read the labels first and follow the instructions.

Clean your surrounding

Sometimes it’s not enough to rely on anti-tick products. What you need is to clean your surroundings both indoor and outdoor. This is to make sure that the population of the tick will alleviate. Make sure to clean every corner and also your dog’s place of sleeping. Sanitize if necessary and regularly change the dog’s bedsheet (if any), because ticks hate cleanliness.

Also, it’s also a good idea to trim your grass lawn and even the trees. Doing this will somehow reduce the tick’s invasion. This will work but don’t be surprised if you fail to eliminate them all because it’s impossible.

Keep your dog only indoors

It’s a good idea to keep your dog indoors at all times. You can limit his outdoor activities or better, stay away from grassy, wooded, and dirty areas which tick potentially ambush your dog. Of course, you still need to check your dog regularly to see if there’s no tick around the body even if you limit your dog’s outdoor activities. This simple method is enough to keep away from dangers, diseases, fleas, and ticks. The only downside of this is that your dog may not get adequate exercise but it’s your call anyway.


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Product Description: Our number one and the widely applauded product is the Frontline tick treatment brand. This brand hails one of the popular brands that combats harmful pests ruining your dog's everyday life. Of course, what we want for our dogs is the best and we want to make them live comfortable life along with us. All of the products listed are working perfectly well but there's always an exception to every product review just like this one. Frontline tick treatment has the active ingredient fipronil which is safer than its counterpart which is permethrin. Break the life cycle of those tiny little critters with this tick treatment. In addition, this is waterproof and has lasting protection for 30 days full. This contains 6 doses and lasts for 6 months upon continuous usage. Another wonderful aspect of this is that it's compatible with all life stages. You don't need to buy some other tick treatment separately if you have multiple dogs in your household.

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All in all, our verdict with this one is beyond passing grade. This has been tried and tested for nearly 20 years and gained recommendation among expert vets and dog owners. You can just easily rely on and trust this product because it has all the credibility when it comes to quality and effectiveness. An absolute must-have treatment for ticks on golden retrievers.


Works within 12 hours of application
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Dogs might not want his because of fipronil content


Flea Away Chewable Treatment

If your dog doesn’t want topical treatment. Don’t worry. There are still many ways to get your dog to become tick-proof and other harmful pests. This surely is a great alternative to traditional sprays and drops.

Flea Aways does a great job of making this medicine like a dog treat because of the liver-flavored vitamin.

Don’t be alarmed with this medicine because there’s no strong chemical inclusion in each tablet. In short, it’s all-natural. It has full of vitamin-rich formula. Not only it’s great for ticks and fleas, but also it promotes a shinier coats, reduces shedding, supports healthy skin, and refines joints.

Each dosage intake will depend on the weight of the dog. See label for more detailed instructions. Upon taking this, it will take less than 30 days to take full effectiveness.

Overall, if your concern for your dog is not only tick and flea prevention but also for sensitive skin, we certainly recommend this wonderful product.

Also, if you want an alternative option to traditional sprays and topical applications, consider buying this Flea Away tablet. Furthermore, your dog will probably like this because of the liver flavor and also the vitamins it includes.

  • Available for dogs of all sizes
  • All natural
  • Inexpensive
  • Some reports medicine is not effective compared to pesticides

Bayer K9 Advantix II TickTreatment

The world is full of options, that’s why it’s so difficult to choose what’s the right product for your golden retriever. Luckily enough, BAYER k9 Advantix II is among the widely regarded tick and flea treatments for dogs. It’s also a recommended product from dow owners, pet store clerks, and the foremost veterinarians.

Dog owners want a quick and effective solution for their struggling pets. It’s frustrating to see them itching out of misery. But Bayer K9 Advantix II has 6 months duration and effectivity. This is perfect if you have a golden retriever.

The tiny critters such as ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes, the moment you applied this treatment, will cease seizing your dog’s body. In addition, this is easy to use. Works best if it’s used once a month for more added protection against harmful parasites. Thanks for the active ingredients that will permeate throughout the dog’s body within 12 hours.

All in all, don’t spend your buck for cheap and ineffective tick and a flea treatment. It’s essential to invest in one of the finest treatments such as this one. Remember that it’s your dog’s lifeline hanging and as a responsible dog owner, you should consider this. It’s fairly expensive but it’s very effective.

  • Each dose lasts a month
  • Waterproof
  • Highly effective
  • High price point
  • Strong chemical content

Seresto Tick Dog Collar

If you want an additional tick prevention treatment. Why not opt to buy this Seresto tick dog collar. It’s still another preventive measure along with supplements and topical tick treatments. This way, you know that your precious golden retriever will have continuous protection that will last long. Yup. you heard it right. The effectiveness of this collar lasts up to 8 months.

Sometimes you can just use this instead of applying some tick treatment because this tick dog collar has adequate protection. You can save your dog from applying the treatment on a monthly basis with this Seresto dog collar. It’s odorless and non-greasy so it will not be a hindrance when your dog wears this treatment collar.

To build your trust in this product, many dog owners have used this and they have great experiences when using this one. Even the vets recommend this because of its safe to use feature.

All in all, if you don’t want some treatment such as topical treatment or chewable tablet. This is what you will need to fully cover your golden retriever against ticks, fleas, and all other sorts of insects. Plus, it’s water resistant and comes in two sizes. Most of all, it’s cost-effective but it sure lasts up to 9 months. Who wouldn’t want this kind of product, right?

  • Water resistant
  • Effective Last up to 8 months of continuous use
  • Cost effective
  • It’s still greasy contrary to what it advertised

Provecta Tick Treament

Last but not the least, Provecta was one of the top-notch and vet-recommended tick and flea treatments. It’s actually safe and proven by experts. According to vets, this is an excellent treatment because it’s a topical treatment and because it protects dogs from ticks and fleas for about a day or two. Others have only last up to several hours.

This is very convenient when applied to dogs. It’s quick and easy, but all the more, it’s very effective. Even on Amazon, this flea and tick repellant has gained favorable views from customer’s feedback. There’s no chemical fragrance which is great for your golden retriever. And surely your dog doesn’t want any odors because their nose is sensitive.

It has 5-way protection against the usual suspects such as tick, flea, mosquitoes, and lice. It has the same component that is found in K9 Advantix II. In addition, it’s waterproof so nothing to worry about if your dog gets wet or something.

Overall, is this worth buying? Yup. Even our team has approved of this product because of its high effectiveness rate and because it lasts long up to a day or more. If you ever needed an insect repellant for your golden retriever, why not check this out and give it a go.

  • Great value for money
  • Easy to apply
  • Fragrance-free
  • Have side effect (see label for more info)

Signs of ticks on golden retrievers

Scabs in multiple areas

If you see some reddened skin, chances are, this is the tick bites. They are not painful but they give serious itchiness to your dog where, as a result, you will see some unexplained scabs later on. Make sure to have some closer examination during their grooming time. Look for the scabs. If there are scabs, ticks are likely to have been residing on your dog’s body

Excessive shaking

If you ever noticed your dog’s constant shaking more than usual, it’s a sign that your dog has a tick or flea. Shaking their head is their usual response if there’s something wrong going on with their body. It’s possible that they are burrowed within the neck, ear, and face. Sometimes they will even go to the groin area. The best thing you can do is get a flashlight and start searching for the tick’s hideout.

A small bump when you touch your dog’s body

A no-brainer method is touching your dog’s body, if there’s a bump on it, you know that there’s a tick lurking beneath the dog’s coat sucking blood until they become fully engorged. If you feel a bump, it’s a sign that there’s ticks on golden retrievers. Don’t ignore it close examine it, and remove it immediately.

Your Golden has a fever

Your dog might exhibit some mild to high-grade fever due to tick bites. Although this is only on a rare occasion, they may still occur if the tick bites. Signs of fever are loss of appetite, unusual panting, weakness. However, sometimes it’s just hard to determine if the fever is really caused by a tick bite or something else. The point is, you should still check your dog regardless of tick bites or any other circumstances. Check for any of these because it’s a sign that there’s ticks on your golden retrievers.

Ticks are everywhere in your home

Obviously, if you see some ticks anywhere in your home, cracks, walls, under the mats, and corners, your house might be infested by these tiny little creatures. Don’t just brush them off. What you must do is to clean your surrounding and perform regular maintenance if necessary. Ticks hate clean households.

Having difficulties to stand

This may be caused by tick paralysis. As it progresses, it will affect your dog’s hips which leads to generalized lethargy making it difficult for dogs to stand properly or even sit up. This kind of symptoms can be a precursor to health complications. It’s important to seek your vet right away upon detecting or even suspecting this kind of sign which can be devastating to your dog and also, to you.

Commonly Asked Questions

How do you get rid of ticks on a golden retrievers fast?

One of the best and simple ways to remove ticks on golden retrievers is to pluck them using tweezers. Carefully grasp the head of the tick. Better if it’s close on the skin and then pull it firmly, in an upward motion, and steadily. After that, apply some disinfectant such as iodine or rubbing alcohol to prevent any infection. Better yet, for a more long-term solution, consider buying one of the above-mentioned products so you will have no problem with tick infestation on your dog’s body.

Is there any natural treatment for ticks on dogs?

Yup. Fortunately, there is plenty of option to treat and prevent ticks on dog’s body through natural treatment. Among them are Apple Cider, Essential oils, All natural dog shampoos, Organic soaps, and so on. These are proven methods that will surely prevent those tiny critters from crawling on your dog very often. But be sure to know what you are doing first.

You can consult on the people who are deemed as experts on this natural treatment matter. There’s no problem with the natural approach the only problem is your ability to perform such the right solution for your pet. Above all, vets are still the best way to go when there’s a problem but a natural approach is still fine.

You can also check this insightful website for more natural treatment

Should I take my dog to the vet for a tick?

You don’t need to rush to your vet if your dog has a tick bite. As much as possible, do what you can to provide treatment for your dog in case there’s a tick bite and infestation. Again, you can use the products we reviewed as protection for your pet.

However, if things got unusual after several days of monitoring, like signs and symptoms of a Lyme disease showing, it’s better to take your dog to your local vet. Discuss the matter further if there are some findings and strategize the treatment with your vet.

Final Thoughts

As much as we want to prevent completely, if not, obliterate ticks, it’s not possible because they are part of life. The only thing we can do is to make an effort to prevent them at all costs. They can ruin your dog’s shiny coat and cause irritation due to excessive itching.

Good thing that dog products take the initiative to innovate and formulate some tick and flea treatment for us dog owners. This is to make sure that our dog is living with the utmost care.

That said, by now, you are fairly knowledgeable about ticks and their best products to combat them. It’s in your hands to make those tiny critters like ticks and fleas go away because you already know how to rake preventive measures.

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