Are Milk-Bone Dog Treats Safe for Golden Retrievers? Find out here!

are To chew or not to chew and it’s an ongoing debate that’s been circulating around since the awareness of proper diet for dogs. I’m referring to the heated topic of, are Milk-Bone dog treats safe?

It’s an all-American classic dog treat. It’s actually deeply embedded serving as a dog treat in every training. Despite its successful brand for over a century, there’s still concern regarding this delicious treat

We will attempt to see what went wrong (if there’s any) and try to clear out some misconceptions that surround this popular treat brand. Also, we will give you some alternatives for Milk-Bone and useful information regarding the subject matter. So, don’t hesitate to browse the content all the way to the bottom.

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What’s a milk bone treats?

Milk bones are not necessarily bones nor made up of bones. It’s actually a biscuit made from minerals, milk, and meat products. Then, formed into a bone. These treats are serving dogs for about a century now and it’s been an all-time favorite by dog owners because of its visual look and also because it has features that help prevent tartar buildup and plaque; and also freshen the dog’s breath. So, are milk bone dog treats safe? Let’s see further.

A little bit of history: Milk bone dog treats safe?

These well-loved dog treats were created by an organic chemist named Carleton Ellis, a prolific inventor and one of his patented inventions were varnish remover, anti-knock gasoline, polyester, developed margarine, to name a few. But what made him gained popularity among all his inventions is when he was asked by the owner of a local slaughterhouse to find a way to create something out of their waste milk.

Later on, Ellis was later inspired by Spratt’s dog cakes, he was determined to turn the excess milk into food for his dog. Ellis mixed the milk with grain, malt, and various products that eventually formed into a biscuit. But the biscuit is not as appealing as Ellis thought because his dog didn’t like it at all.

The defining moment has yet to come, he was under the impression to alter the design of the biscuit but not the ingredients. This time, he made the biscuits formed into the shape of a bone. As soon as he knew this eureka moment, he did transfer his patent to a company known as F.H. Bennett Biscuit Company ( later changed into Wheatsworth Company).

This time, milk bones are born and become ever more popular than its competitor to Spratt’s Dog Cakes. And the rest is history and we can see how the milk bones have influenced the dog community throughout the world and also some manufacturers have been creating this bone-shaped biscuit treat for dogs.

Origin of the are Milk-Bone treats safe narrative

There was a video circulated on the popular social media platform regarding the claim that Milk-Bone can potentially cause cancer due to the canine carcinogen, butylated hydroxyanisole, or simply, BHA inclusion in their ingredients. In just a couple of weeks, the video garnered half a million shares and even more views, which caused some worries among dog owners through social media. This, of course, stirred uproars from a different point of view across the social network.

But luckily enough, the Milk-Bone company responded to its unsubstantiated claims about its products. They assured to their valued customers that all of their ingredients are perfectly safe. All of their products met the standards for safe ingredients that set by the US Food and Drug Administration and AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials). They have also added that they only put a minimal amount of BHA that protects their products from being stale and preserve fats. Thereby the amount of BHA added is completely harmless.

In an article written by Kim LaCapria from the Snopes, they found out that there is no really strong support of evidence that could really prove that BHA posed threats to pets. Decades of research dedicated to BHA alone have proved that it’s perfectly safe for both humans and animal food products.

To make a long story short, Milk-Bones are safe people. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will give too many milk bones to your dogs because it can lead to serious health problems such as diabetes. As the age-old wisdom goes, everything should be in moderation and it’s also applicable to milk bones.

Also, it’s important to consult with your vet if you feel uncomfortable with the product. Better yet, if you are going to buy a dog treat, research first and ask the opinion of your fellow dog owners so you know what you are getting. It’s your business to make your dog healthy.

Are milk bone dog treats safe?

Again, a resounding yes! They are great for obedience training and all other sorts of training. Also, Milk-Bone dog treats are the best way to compliment your dog if he did something good no matter if it’s big or small. It’s an excellent reward-based for every canine. Vets, dog trainers, and your fellow dog owners are a testament to this.

These are the ingredients listed on the Milk-Bone to assure you it’s perfectly safe for your dog
  • Wheat Flour
  • Milk
  • Wheat Bran
  • Bone and Meat Meal
  • Wheat Germ
  • Beef fat (preserved with BHA)
  • Natural Flavor
  • Salt
  • Dicalcium Phosphate

As I have mentioned earlier, this was tested and gone through the standard process of quality checking that met the standard of the AAFCO and also the US Food and Drug Administration. This will only become unsafe if your dog has an allergy to any of the three main ingredients which are wheat, milk, and beef. That said, but everything is fine.

If ever your dog has an allergy to the said ingredients, he may be experiencing vomiting, diarrhea, and rashes.

Alternatives to Milk-Bone dog treats that’s safe and healthy

Sometimes when Milk-Bone is beyond moderation, it would probably become unhealthy for your dog especially if you are overfeeding him. Chances are, not soon enough, your dog will become accustomed to the taste of it to the point that Milk-Bone will become his standard kibble food. You don’t want that to happen to your dog. Instead, try offering your dog some healthy alternative for temporary usage.

Sweet Potatoes

You’ll often find sweet potatoes from every kibble food and in dog treats because they are a good source of nutrients. This is loaded with vitamin C and A, in addition to phytochemicals and antioxidants. Be sure to introduce this snack from a small portion until they fully likened the taste. You can also mix this with kibble food. Be sure to cook this first because raw potatoes of any kind are bad for them.


Try giving this also to your dog. Slice a bite-size of bananas and it best if you put them into the freezer so they will have a longer time to eat it and become preoccupied with it. Bananas are high in potassium, magnesium, fiber, and vitamin B. It’s best to give your dog this once a day as a substitute for a Milk-Bone. Remember, bananas should be given as a treat only not for your dog’s main diet.


Apple is one of the precious fruits for us humans. Even in dogs, they are also precious. A whole apple a day keeps your dog away from health issues. Apples are a source of vitamin C and A and fiber. They also keep your dog’s teeth clean and keeps your dog’s fresh breath.

Cooked Squash

This fruit has an abundance of vitamins A, C, E, and B6, lots of dietary fiber, have calcium, potassium, magnesium. Also, squash has nothing but beneficial gains when dogs eat it. Some of the benefits of eating this are supports eye vision, boost the immune system, and maintains cardiovascular function.


If an animal like Bugs Bunny loves to eat carrots, your dog should also eat carrots as well. Carrots are filled with beta carotene, potassium, vitamin A, and fiber. This is another great alternative for your Milk-Bone. Carrots are eaten raw or cooked. But it’s perfect if it’s cooked because it’s easy to eat and digest for dogs. Carrots are also great for teething puppies especially if it’s frozen. It also promotes dental health.


A vegetable that belongs to the cruciferous, has a great reputation when it comes to health benefits. Much better if you will introduce this kind of dog treat while they were puppies so they can get accustomed to the taste. Because not all adult dogs like the taste of broccoli. Apart from that, there are many nutrients your dog can get from this, such as vitamin K, reinforce bone and bone density, calcium, and potassium.

Another alternative to Milk-Bone dog treats that are safe

Maybe you want to try another brand or dog treat aside from Milk-Bone. There are actually tons of options. But with all the options and the wide availability on the market, you will have a hard time knowing what to look for. The fact that not all dog treats are created equal and of course, Milk-Bone is among those who are top-notch.


OUR TOP PICK: Milk-Bone Dog Treat

Product Description: ur first and foremost pick Milk-Bone. Surprised? Because Milk-Bones is still the reigning champion among all dog treat and there's no argument with that. These little milk biscuits are deeply embedded in the culture of treats giving to dogs by dog owners and even dog trainers. They all approved this tried and tested product. Enough said. The good thing with Milk-Bones is they continually evolve and innovate their products leaving us consumers to buy them whenever there's a new promotion. Also, they have a wide array of options to choose from which is great because many options come with a great selection. Primarily their ingredients are milk, wheat, bone meal, and meat product. These simple ingredients are enough to make your dog want this very much. Be careful not to substitute this with your dog's kibble. Just give your pooch when it's necessary.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Overall taste
  • Flavor
  • Value for Money


All in all, why should you buy this? Because it’s a great option when you are treating your dog especially if it’s obedience training or even a normal complimentary purpose. Dogs sure love these simple dog treats and it has been like that since this product was first introduced a century ago.


Perfect dog treat
Well known brand


May not be healthy when it’s given beyond moderation


Old Mother Hubbard Dog Treats

Nothing beats the ol’ classic as they say. We are referring to Old Mother Hubbard dog biscuits. Old Mother Hubbard is one of the oldest running company dates back to 1926. With its near century-old company, it’s no surprise that this has gained recognition because of the continuous quality it produces which cemented its legacy.

The biscuits are made from all-natural ingredients, true to its conventional process of making these delicious dog biscuits. Also, it’s slowly oven-baked just to preserve the natural flavors which is the key ingredient on what makes this biscuit so flavorful and wholesome when dogs eat this.

Proudly made in North America where the finest source of ingredients is present. That said, there’s a lot of nutritional benefits that can be acquired from this biscuit when dogs eat this. Knowing where it’s produced is also an added factor to consider this.

Another great alternative to Milk-Bone. It’s really hard to pick between the Milk-Bone and the Old Mother Hubbard. But you should probably give this dog biscuit a try because we are very certain that your dog will surely love this upon eating this. Another great treat for your dog when in training.

  • High quality
  • Wholesome ingredients
  • Slowly baked with oven
  • None so far

Whimzees Dog Treats

Whimzees are not just your ordinary dog treat. This brand is among the distinguished dog treat manufacturers that produce all-natural products for dogs. It contains 56 packs and recommended for medium-sized dogs such as golden retrievers.

Also, this is a perfect option for your dog’s dental care because this also provides care for oral, in gums, and teeth, preventing tartar and plaque buildup.

Treat your dog not just full of sugary and fat content. Treat them with care by offering them healthy dog treat that is beneficial to their overall well being and health. And this is the type of dog treat you want to buy because it has the qualities that its competitor don’t have.

Each Whimzees are effective enough to ward off plaques and tartar and other dental issues. This will also make your dog have fresh air. Worry no more with the ingredients added.

Whimzees has only 6 ingredients included without any use of GMO ingredients, no artificial colors, fillers, and preservatives. These are also gluten-free and meat-free. This is what your dog truly deserves. A healthy snack for a healthy body and prolonged lifespan.

All in all, you must consider buying this or even just a try. It’s nice to introduce your dog to a healthy snack with not much artificial stuff added. Only all-natural ingredients. And did I say this is vet recommended? Because it is!

  • Vegetarian ingredients
  • Acts as dental care protection
  • Effective
  • Long-lasting
  • It’s the high price point that concerns people here

Fruitables Dog Treats

Imagine fruits and a dog biscuit in one? This is what Fruitables has to offer for dog owners who want to incorporate fruits with biscuits.

It’s an amazing idea and yet it’s also healthy for your dog. This brand is known for producing all-natural dog treats that customers have wowed right from the start of their production.

It’s packed with nutritional values and vitamins as well as promoting healthy well-being for your dogs. That said, this package has natural antioxidants, dietary fibers, and others. This is baked not fried and it’s all-natural. The crispiness of each biscuit is a savor delight for your dogs.

One of the best things that Fruitables has is that they come in plenty of options to choose from and what’s more interesting is that they have all fruits hence the product name. The packaging is also visually appealing and from the way it looks, it seems very healthy.

Overall, this is certainly a great alternative to the milk bone biscuit. It’s perfectly safe and healthy. The ingredients came from high-quality sources. No artificial flavorings and grain-free. What more could you ask for in this? Certainly, the price point is what we worry about. But it’s definitely worth it.

  • High quality
  • No preservatives hence all-natural
  • Great for training treats
  • None so far

Pup-Peroni Dog Treats

Pup-Peroni is one of the enticing dogs treats you will ever come across whenever you are in search of some treats for your dog. Loaded with real beef as their number one ingredient. Tender and chewy is what your dog needs and this is what Pup-Peroni has.

Show them your love by giving your dog this delectable treat. Also, this only not sticks with one flavor.

In fact, this comes with a wide array of flavors to choose from bacon, beef, and more. Great for your dog that is undergoing training or even just a complimentary use for your everyday treat. It’s healthy because each of these is 90 percent fat-free and also guilt-free.

Studies have shown time and again that giving some treats as a reward-based system for your dog helps them to learn from their training easily and it means a lot to them every time dogs are being complimented even from simple things.

All in all, if you are here for dog treats, why not consider this one? After all, it’s tasty and we are definitely sure that your dog will love this as much as he loved the Milk-Bone biscuit.

The difference is, this is more flavorful because of beef flavor and the price is right. Perfect for your meat-loving dogs.

  • Bacon flavor
  • Chewy and soft
  • Flavorful taste
  • Fillers and preservatives are present in ingredients

Healthy Dog Treats Buying Guide

Natural Ingredients

Go for natural ingredients. Always. We know that you love your dog giving milk bone biscuits and other products which is okay. But, it’s much better if you are going to select a dog treat that favors natural ingredients that are usually loaded with sugar, fats, and by-product meat.

Instead, opt for buying whole grains like oats and single source, quality proteins such as lamb or chicken. Fish like salmon is okay also because it has low in fats and calories. You not only giving your dog a treat for whatever good reason, but also you are ensuring his health and well-being.


Not only you should look at the quality and ingredients of the product but also you should check if the company will be able to provide you service before or after-sales.

They should be willingly open to discuss the contents of the products and also if the standards are met set by the US authorities in food ingredient safety. Remember, your dog’s life is at stake here and you need to be keen enough to know the details of every product you are buying for your dog.

Place of Production

Consider also where the product is produced. Sometimes it’s dubious to buy from other countries when it comes to dog treats and kibble foods such as China.

Dog treats as well as kibble foods that are produced solely in the U.S. are much safer and placed under the high level of quality controls than from other countries. Also, it’s proudly made and you know well that there’s no additive or fillers in highly distinguished dog treats American brand.

Avoid sharp or hard treats

Don’t buy treats that are hard and sharp for dogs to eat. Because there are still dog treats like this looming around in every pet store and usually they come in for a cheap price. Never, ever allow yourself to buy these kinds of dog treats because they will puncture your dog’s gums, skin, or stomach. Thankfully our recommended products are all soft and healthy.

Allergen contents

Check the label if it says there’s allergen content. You should be careful when buying this one because if your dog has an allergy, they might have serious problems if ever they ingested the product with allergens. Common food allergens are dairy products, wheat, and meat.

Also, check if the manufacturer is using fillers or artificial flavors. Keep in mind, the fewer ingredients added the better.

Final Thoughts

Are milk bone dog treats safe? Based on our findings, it’s safe and a great treat for your dog! However, it will only become harmful when you give your dog a treat that’s beyond moderation.

Also, the Milk-Bone company have debunked the myth years ago and found no evidence that their product can cause cancer to golden retrievers and to any dogs. Sometimes this is just disinformation just to tarnish the company’s reputation but it failed to do so.

Furthermore, if you are looking for an alternative to Milk-Bones, we have laid out some of the products we think it’s best for you to try.

Not only they are flavorful but because they hold high standards like the Milk-Bone company. Also, don’t forget to try the healthy fruit dog treats that we have also included.

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