Flat Coated Retriever Puppy: Breed Information

The Flat coated Retriever puppy, or the “Peter-Pan” of the retriever breed, is an English sports dog breed that is medium-sized and has a flat coat of medium length. The name flat-coated comes from its fur. Flat coats and golden retrievers have a striking resemblance. However, rather than coming in …

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Understanding the Most Common Flat-Coated Retriever Eye Problem

flat-coated retriever eye problem

Have you ever heard of the flat-coated retriever eye problem? It’s a condition affecting one of the most beautiful dog breeds. Unfortunately, these pups are prone to developing eye problems that can cause discomfort and blindness if not treated properly. As a dog owner, this is concerning, and it’s important …

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7 Tips to Help English Cream Golden Retriever Constipation

english cream golden retriever constipation

Have you ever heard of English cream golden retriever constipation? This might sound like an odd topic, but any pet owner needs to understand. Though these breeds are adorable and friendly, they can still experience health issues like any other breed. If your English cream golden retriever is showing signs …

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Healthy Treats: Can English Cream Golden Eat Fruit?

can english cream golden eat fruit

Can English cream golden eat fruit? This is a strange question to ask about a dog breed, but it’s important to know what your furry friend can and cannot eat to keep them. We all know that dogs love to eat, and some are notorious for being veritable garbage disposals. …

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