Pros and Cons of Neutering My Golden Retriever 2020

Nowadays, millions of family pets such as dogs and cats have undergone the process of spaying or neutering. Neutering is generally surgical sterilization of male dogs such as the Golden Retriever. The process usually involves the removal of the dog’s testicles while he is under the general anesthesia. Basically, neutering is such a crucial health decision for your dog as it entails the pros and cons of neutering my Golden Retriever.

As we go along, we will share the advantages and drawbacks entail within the surgical sterilization for your male Goldies. We also have here the right age of neutering a Golden Retriever. Aside from that, we will also give you some important tips in taking care of the Golden Retriever after neutering.

The Pros and Cons of Neutering My Golden Retriever

In case you have a male Golden Retriever and you are already decided that you will have to subject him on such sterilization procedure, below are some of the pros and cons of neutering my Golden Retriever.


Check below for some of the important advantages of neutering a male Golden Retriever:

1. Reduces the risk of any health problems

Basically, Golden Retriever is a dog breed that is prone to many health concerns. And, letting him be neutered is one of the best solutions to address such an issue. Yet, the process still entails the pros and cons of neutering my Golden Retriever, neutering the male Goldies lowers their risk of having testicular cancer later on in their life.

Infections or cysts may also be reduced as well. Actually, based on studies, around 4 of 5 unneutered dogs struggle from enlarged prostate once they reach 5 years old. This makes the urination process of the Golden Retriever quite difficult.

2. Lowers the incidence of marking and spraying behaviors

Generally, male Golden Retriever may also experience hormonal changes once their testicles are removed. With this, the levels of testosterone in their body will be lesser making them have a lesser desire for marking the territory. One of the pros and cons of neutering my Golden Retriever is preventing the spraying issue within the house.

3. Stabilizes the mood of the Golden Retriever

All dogs including the Golden Retriever are very protective especially when it comes to their territory. Naturally, they will guard it and do not allow any strangers to get in. Additionally, there are male dogs, including some of the Golden Retrievers, become too much aggressive especially at the moment when the other dogs within the surroundings are encountered.

One of the pros and cons of neutering my Golden Retriever is that it reduces the aggressive behavior of the dogs. Moreover, the process of neutering is that it helps to stabilize the dog’s mood. It also lowers down their desire to engage in too much activity and playing every day.

4. Decreases the urge of mating

pros and cons of neutering my Golden Retriever

Basically, the unneutered Golden Retriever will be willing to go out from their home especially if they feel that there is a female dog in heat nearby. Actually, the urge for mating will decrease as soon as the process of neutering is completely done. In connection to this, it also lowers down the desire to explore and go beyond the territory.

5. Prevents weight gain

Another advantage included in the pros and cons of neutering my Golden Retriever is that it may not lead the dog to gain weight. Normally, after neutering the Golden Retriever tends to be inactive for the period of 2 to 4 weeks. This is basically a part of the post-surgical process. The dog will not gain more weight once neutered provided that a healthy diet and regular exercise is on the way as well.

Moreover, as the neutered Golden Retriever grows old, their diet and exercise must have to increase. The reason for this is that the dog will still want to munch on the same amount of food. Yet, they also want to exercise less.

6. Reduces hypersexuality of the Golden Retriever

There are some male dogs that are hypersexualized which are generally characterized by leg humping and mounting behavior. Basically, as part of the pros and cons of neutering my Golden Retriever, these behaviors may be reduced thus changes their desire to mate. Gearing towards the process of maturation, the Golden Retriever may encounter some changes. However, some dogs may see the advantages of outweighing the potential drawbacks which may happen in the latter part of their canine’s life.


Find here some of the drawbacks of letting the male Golden Retriever to undergo the process of neutering:

1. Do not have assurance for behavioral change

Basically, numbers of dogs including the Golden Retriever developed behaviors that come farther the basic dog’s hormones. One example of this is the lifting of the legs of some dogs to spray. This action may continue after they have been neutered. Aside from that, there are dogs that tend to still be aggressive after neutering.

Despite the possibility of some untoward behaviors to reduce or eliminate after this surgical procedure, these changes are still not guaranteed. You may still observe some of the undesirable behaviors after the process. This is one of the possible downside included in the pros and cons of neutering my Golden Retriever.

2. May lead to urinary incontinence

Another drawback included in the pros and cons of neutering my Golden Retriever is the slight possibility to suffer from urinary incontinence. However, it may not happen as usual, but when it does, it just resulted from having the surgery prior to the complete development of the dog’s bladder. The muscles of the dog’s bladder tend to be weaker as they grow thus causing some leakage. Due to this, neutering is not actually recommended for dogs until 6 months old.

3. Alter the dog’s coat texture

pros and cons of neutering my Golden RetrieverGenerally, neutering a male dog elicits hormonal changes; some can be on physical features of the dog over time. Actually, the most commonly observed physical change especially for the Golden Retriever is the alteration of their coat’s texture. Basically, neutered dogs may experience changes in the growth pattern of the coat as well as the texture. Although this may not have an impact on the overall health of the canine, the sensitivity of the skin to the temperatures may be changed.


4. Affect the maturation of the Golden Retriever

Actually, in case the Golden Retriever has been neutered during their young age, they mature in a different manner rather than those who are not. It is basically one of the downsides as part of the pros and cons of neutering my Golden Retriever. Since all dogs are unique, some dogs may be fine if not neutered. Consulting the vet before making a final decision is the best thing to do about this matter as it could have a great impact on the overall health of the Golden Retriever.

5. Increase other health risks

As part of the advantages of neutering a male Golden Retriever, the risks of developing testicular cancer and enlargement of the prostate has been reduced. On the contrary, this surgical sterilization can increase the risks of other health conditions for dogs. Basically, the early neutering of the Golden Retriever, actually before 12 months, may have the potential in developing osteosarcoma.

Moreover, there is also an increase in risks for having hypothyroidism, impairment in terms of cognition, and orthopedic disorders. Unfortunately, some of the dogs may even suffer from the risk of adverse reaction from vaccination.

6. Put an end on the breeding process

Basically, there are dog breeds that are good contributors to the breed’s gene pool. And the process of neutering may end this breeding option. This is generally a downside which is a part of the pros and cons of neutering my Golden Retriever especially for lots of breeders.

The Right Age to Neuter a Golden Retriever

In the case of large dog breed such as the Golden Retriever, they are still on their growing stage until they reach the age of 18 to 24 months. Basically, the safest way is to wait for the right time in which the Golden Retriever is fully grown before neutering him. Fully grown means that the growth plates of the dog are already closed which needs more time for the larger dog breeds.

The Perfect Age for Male Golden Retrievers for Neutering

There are some vets who recommend the age of 2 years is the ideal age of the Golden Retriever before neutering. Actually, neutering the Golden Retriever after two years old will not make lots of difference in terms of behavior. So, if you do not actually mindful about their behavior, there’s no wrong in waiting that long. For male Goldies, 12 to 14 months of age is the best time of neutering this dog breed.

Final Thoughts

There are actually the pros and cons of neutering my Golden Retrievers despite the fact that it is a good hygienic practice for canines. Mostly, the advantages of neutering a male dog are generally good for their overall health as it outweighs most of the risks. However, as a pet owner, you must have to make sure that your Golden Retriever maintains its fitness through exercise and right diet after the surgical sterilization process.

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Tom Thorpe has overtime interacted with different species of dogs mostly through breeding and training; according to him, man’s best friend is yet to find solace in the company of man, as they are continuously mistreated. He, therefore, runs a rescue center that provides shelter to stray dogs, and has been advocating for the rights of animals; the Golden Retriever dogs are among his favorites, the reason he came up with the extensive excerpts to help educate the society on the right treatment and care of the respective breed. Tom spends most of his time running his dog shelter; he is a husband and proud father of two boys and loves to go fishing during his free time.

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  1. Perhaps it’s because I did not read this article as if there would be a life-or-death test at the end but I did not notice any detailed justification to the statement “ Mostly, the advantages of neutering a male dog are generally good for their overall health as it outweighs most of the risks.” According to what I have read about neutering male Goldens, there does seem to be a decreased likelihood of developing benign prostatic hyperplasia, perianal adenomas and perineal hernias. But these diseases occur very late in life and may not even happen at all. If there are actual health benefits I would very much like to know about the studies, because I have come across such yet.

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