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English Cream Golden Retrievers San Diego Breeders

You’re dreaming about the perfect furry friend to join you on all of life’s adventures while you soak up the rays of a San Diego sunset. You’ve always been drawn to Golden Retrievers for their friendly demeanor and boundless energy. Still, you’re determined to find a pup from the English …

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How Much are English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies

In the States, you’ll have difficulty finding an English Cream Retriever. These canines, as their name implies, are more common there. The “English” part of the dog’s name comes from most American breeders that specialize in this type of dog import their breeding stock from the United Kingdom. So, how …

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Can Golden Retrievers Eat Raw Meat? — Dog Food Facts

Can Golden Retrievers Eat Raw Meat

Can Golden Retriever dogs eat raw meat? The answer actually depends on a lot of factors. Raw meat is not 100 percent recommended by veterinarians and animal nutritionists. However, the consumption of raw meat is not necessarily frowned upon either. To say the least, there are a lot of benefits …

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Why is my Golden Retriever Panting a Lot? — Dog Facts!

golden retriever panting a lot

As a novice Golden Retriever pet parent, you may ask, “Why is my Golden Retriever Panting a Lot?” Well, did you know that your Golden Retriever could be panting because of positive or negative reasons? The most common reason is that it’s too hot. However, they could be panting because …

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Best Deshedding Tool for Golden Retrievers — 2021 Picks

Golden Retrievers are known to be notorious shedders. The solution for that is to buy the best deshedding tool for Golden Retrievers so that you won’t have to stress about it! Shedding for these dog breeds is minimal during the off-seasons in winter and summer. However, when spring and fall …

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Are Golden Retrievers Better in Pairs? — Dog Facts

Golden Retrievers are great creatures who need a lot of love, attention, and care. They have special needs because they are one of the most clingy dog breeds out there. With that information in mind, you might be wondering “Are Golden Retrievers better in pairs?” Even though Golden Retrievers are …

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What’s the Healthy Weight for Golden Retriever Dogs?

Golden Retrievers are big dog breeds that require a lot of food and nutrients to keep them healthy. However, you might be curious about what the healthy weight for golden retriever dogs is. There are a ton of ways for you to encourage your goldie’s healthy habits — that includes …

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