The 3 Best Chew Toys For Golden Retrievers

Are you getting frustrated because your golden retriever is keeping on munching your pieces of furniture and every single day they leave something ruined like your sofa, shoes, and others? Probably one of the main reasons is that you haven’t given any best chew toys for golden retrievers. In most cases, these are the result of their stress-releasing habit or sometimes just want to have some fun (wrecking all your precious valuables).

And yet, you start to think that the only way to stop their madness is to buy the best chew toys for golden retrievers. But what to buy? How should I know I have the best chew toys? These questions are a normal and a good thing you come across on this website. We will provide you some of the best products and hopefully make this product your reference buying guide.

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Benefits of dog chew toys for golden retrievers

You are not alone with the problem of getting your pieces of furniture ruined and munch all the things they see. In fact, most dog owners feel the same experience. One of the best ways to combat that behavior is to discipline them at an early stage to prevent any bad habit as they grow. Also, you must give them appropriate objects to chew on. This is to prevent any ruin of your precious things.

That said, it’s important for them to have chew toys, you know why? Because these benefits below will tell you that having chew toys are safer and totally fine for them than munching your personal belongings.

Chew toys promote healthy teeth and gums

Unlike your precious appliances, wearables, and pieces of furniture, that contain toxic elements which can be harmful to your dog’s oral hygiene and overall health, chew toys offer a more enjoyable experience to munch on. Chew toys promote dental health because most of the chew toy product supports oral care that cleans the dog’s mouth, teeth, and gums. You may even notice your dog’s improve breath by the time he/she is getting used to chewing toys. With the chew toys being used, there’s no tartar buildup, helps scrapes any bacteria, and keeps your dog enjoy all time.

Chew toys are a perfect way to relieve dog anxiety and other mental health issues

For humans, practicing mindfulness, meditation, or yoga helps us calm ourselves but with dogs, the only way to release their stress and anxiety through munching. Though munching, dog’s mental health is partially improving and releasing their negative emotions. Using a chew toy may help the dog’s mental health condition even better. Chew toys are like zen activity for pooches. It’s nice to give them some chew toys in times of stress and anxiety triggers.

Chew toys are safer than bones or your furniture

Dog bones have actually bad effects on dogs. Bones are hard and can be potentially harmful whether raw or cooked. Cooked bones don’t have any nutrients and if broken, there can be splinter. Those splinters can be harmful to the dog’s digestive system, even choking hazards and broken teeth. So a bone and a piece of furniture or shoes may not be of recommendation for your dog to chew upon. What they need are decent chew toys.

An excellent option for teething puppies

Giving chews for teething puppies is an excellent way to ease the pain. The fact that puppies’ gums are tender and swollen, you can put the chew toys in the freezer for a while and have them take the chew toy for reduced feeling pain. Chew toys can also promote dental care making their teeth healthy and strong as they turn into an adult. It’s a great way to teach them the proper behavior on what to chew instead.

Chew toys provide mental stimulation and development

Every dog needs to be exercised both physically and mentally. This is part of their life stage and what they needed is a balanced physical and mental exercise. Luckily enough that chew toys are invented, not only provides comfort and a way to release stress, it also helps them develop their mental ability. Try giving them a mental challenge by puzzle games that involves chewing toys. They are great for training and discipline and also help them grow and become more intelligent canines.

They provide temporary companionship

If you are going out for a walk or run into a grocery, sometimes you don’t need to bring your dog with you. Chances are you might leave them alone. That said, your dog might become lonely and make unnecessary noise like barking or even ruin your precious things. You don’t want that to happen. Give them chew toys so that they become busy. Because chew toys are great for companionship so dogs would not feel lonely. It buys them time and also prevents destructive chewing. So by the time you arrive, your house is still in one piece.

What to look for in selecting the best chew toys for a golden retriever?

Now that you know the benefits of chew toys for your golden retriever, you now want to buy a new chew toy for your dog. We will get there, I promise. But first, you, need these basic features first in order for you to have the best chew toys for your golden retriever because these are crucial in your selection process.

Choose the right size

Buy chew toys for golden retrievers that have the appropriate size. Don’t buy chew toys that are small for them. Small chew toys are easily swallowed and can have serious problems such as blockage in the esophagus and even digestive health issues. If buying one, you should at least buy bigger sizes that aren’t easily swallowed or large enough for their mouth.

It should match your dog’s chew strength and their playing factor

If you have a puppy golden retriever, have them take softer chew toys. Adult and aggressive retrievers will need harder chew toys. Buy also durable ones without any toxic chemicals added this is to ensure durability so you will have a longer time to buy a new one. Also, be careful to buy the hardest one as they may give splinters and check for any cracking properties.

Choose toys that are easy to clean

Better choose fabric toys as they are easy to wash and clean right away. Hygiene is essential for dogs too! You don’t want them to give chew toys that are hard to clean or haven’t cleaned in a while. Fortunately, chew toys today are easily cleaned. Select the toys which needed cleaning and maintenance. This is for your own dog’s sake.

Pick the chew toys that are fairly indestructible

Especially if your golden retriever is an adult. Sometimes this is one of the hardest qualities to look at in chew toys. Because most chew toys get easily broken. Watch out also for the edges. Go for hard rubber toys or hard nylon toys. Never the soft ones. You could but you will end buying often which is expensive on your end.

Go for chew toys that feature dental care

Another chew toy that is looming on the market is dental chews. It’s improved and most of them are edible chew toys sometimes they can be treats. This is something you should consider buying because of their beneficial properties that support overall oral health preventing any periodontal disease in the future.


OUR TOP PICK: Goughnuts Chew Toys

Product Description: Goughnuts is somewhat a rival of KONG toys. Even so, this ring chew provides one of the toughest toys that you will encounter on the market. As they claimed that this is for heavy chewers which are virtually indestructible. With their reinforced rubber material which similarly used by the astronauts. This is engineered to perfection and the manufacturer really knows the value of toys to dogs and the intensity of the dog's jaw strength that can ruin any dog toys. Comes in multiple sizes depending on the dog's size and life stage, even their aggressiveness. One thing that makes this so much is when your golden retriever "goes nuts" with this Goughnuts product.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Anti Stress Effectivity
  • Durability
  • Value for Money


Overall, this is absolutely a perfect fit for any golden retriever. These types of dogs are playful and love to munch everything. Goughnuts is surely what they needed in order to get preoccupied and to prevent any boredom. This is tougher than any average tougher because it uses special material.


Sturdy and durable
Bits and pieces don’t fall off


No bad reviews so far


KONG Chew Toy

Our list is not complete without these super classic, durable, and sturdy KONG toys. Known for their excellent durability that even dogs will get tired of this after several minutes of chewing.

This is par excellent because of its versatile function. Good for dogs alone and for mental stimulation because you can put any edible dog treat inside the KONG that’s why there’s a hole in the middle.

Every dog owner and veterinarian favors this dog toy because of how incredible transformation it can do to dogs. Dogs know this popular object even upon seeing this from a distance, dogs will get excited with no doubt.

All in all, if you are a dog owner, you probably know or familiar with this one. You knew already what this toy can do to your golden retriever, right? It’s good for the mental challenges and for the sake of fun. It’s sturdy and great for very dog breeds.

  • High quality
  • Trusted brand
  • Great for
  • Mental exercise
  • Durable
  • None so far

West Paw Chew Toy

West Paw is one of the top of the line manufacturers of dog toys. They will never let you down in regard to top-notch quality which is suited for golden retrievers.

West Paw guarantees that the product is safer than toys containing rawhide bones. Plus, this is non-toxic and free from any phthalates and BPAs. Assuring that this chew toy is the ideal toy for any dogs without any harm.

The texture of this is bouncy and stringer than the tennis ball. This is excellent for fetch which has a texture that is easily grabbed by dogs. Also, this can even float on the water added a squishy element so your dog will enjoy this more.

All in all, West Paw is worth considering when you are going to buy any chew toys. They have a high-quality standard and perfectly safe in every outdoor and indoor activity. Proudly made in the USA. Most of all, golden retrievers can’t wait to play this thing. Another best chew toys for golden retrievers.

  • Float and bounce
  • Nontoxic Stronger than regular tennis ball
  • Bouncy and squishy
  • None so far

Avoid these kinds of chew toys


Obviously plastic is harmful when ingested or even if it was bitten because this allows the toxins to release. They are susceptible to stronger jaws and they break so easily. Those bits and pieces coming from the plastic are also harmful and can cause serious internal injury in their intestinal tract.

Plush toys

Plush toys or stuffed toys should never be allowed to chew by your golden retriever. These fabrics aren’t built for animals they are meant for children to play with. Dog’s behavior toward stuffed animals and any other toys are different from humans. Also, these kinds of toys are choking hazard which can potentially cause internal damage. Give them appropriate chew toys to chew with that are “dog-proof”.

Latex and Vinyl

While they are slightly sturdier than fabric plush toys, they still aren’t safe from your dog’s jaw strength. Dogs when focused on chew toys, will not spare every moment of munching and chomping just to release their catharsis. Latex and vinyl toys also pose harmful threats to dogs. They are also choking hazards and can’t withstand the dog’s bite.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it’s time to throw away the chew toys?

If you see there’s already wear and tear, you should probably throw them for good. Don’t wait for the chew toy to become broken off to the point the pieces are falling. Don’t let them chew any dog toys with damaged or broken, they may have splinters which can cause danger to your dogs.

What is the best thing for your dog to chew on?

Depending on their jaw strength and physical attributes. Dogs with aggressive behavior and somewhat large breeds need a bigger size and tougher chew toys. With smaller dogs and puppies, they needed softer and smaller that are appropriate for their size. Always go for a high quality and products that will last for a time like the above products mentioned.

Is it OK for dogs to eat chew toys?

There are edible chew toys and there are inedible. Always check for the product if it’s edible or not. Otherwise, it will be on you if you bought the wrong chew toys with substandard quality. Don’t buy rawhide, which contains toxic elements, and plush toys, because these things are destructive for your dog’s health.

Final Thoughts

These products listed are one of the best dogs chew toys the market can offer. Because all of this is high quality and it will never let you down and even your golden retriever. Moreover, golden retrievers will need these chew toys as they have the tendency to become aggressive on occasion especially if they are focused and stressed. Be sure to supervise them so they will not easily break their toy. Also, don’t forget to wash them regularly after your dog chewed their toy.

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