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Been busy a lot even though you are currently working from home that you haven’t been given your golden retriever his proper mealtime? Well, you will need to invest in something that doesn’t need your labor so your Golden will be fed on proper time while you are still working without interruption. What I’m talking about is the large breed automatic feeder.

Even though most of us have been working from home since the COVID-19, we can’t help but still be preoccupied with our work to the point that we are paying less attention to our dog even if it’s feeding time. Good thing that technological innovation in dog supplies is keeping up. One of those products is the large breed automatic dog feeder.

We are going to examine and review each selected automatic dog feeder which is out on the market. This will be helpful especially if you are on the verge of buying one with little knowledge about the product.

Automatic Dog Feeder

Little Giant
Automatic Dog Feeder

WOPET SmartFeeder
Automatic Dog Feeder

Automatic Dog Feeder
Automatic Dog Feeder

What’s an automatic dog feeder?

An automatic dog feeder is one of the best gifts that technology made for pet owners. It’s an automatic dispenser that provides food for pets in a timely manner. These machines are a lifesaver for pets because they provide food on time. Also, this is a great energy saver for pet owners.

But, this is not a total replacement for feeding your dogs. This is designed for certain cases especially if you are a busy person. An automatic feeder is your companion so that you will not leave your golden retriever hungry while you are tending on the other matter.

The main purpose of the automatic dog feeder is to dispense the food with the accurate desired amount of food that you want your golden retriever to eat. You can also set the time and amount. By the time it’s all set, the automatic feeder will do its job and supply the amount of food in your desired preset setting.

Benefits of large breed automatic dog feeder

What’s the catch with an automatic dog feeder? Aside from being advantageous on your behalf, there are still many reasons and benefits that this device has in it for you. Not only for you but also for your golden retriever. So after reading this, you now made up your mind and wanting to buy the ideal automatic dog feeder for you. Here are just a few of those benefits:

It saves time

Obviously, time is so precious to us especially in work that we needed to devote solely our whole just to work. Luckily enough, you will only need an ample amount of time when you have the automatic food dispenser. You will just program it and set the desired amount of food, then it’s all set. Compared to manual feeding where you will have to feed your pet personally. Also, this device ensures that what you feed to your dog is accurate and in a timely manner. So, if you have an endless task at hand or errands for most of the day, you will worry less if you have the large breed automatic dog feeder.

Accurate measurement of the recommended amount of food

A properly balanced diet is all about the right measurement and how much you feed to your Golden. It’s a good thing that the automatic dog feeder has this quality. You don’t need any guessing game for your accurate serving for your dog when the automatic food dispenser can do it for you instead. This is perfect if your vet told you about prescribing a restriction when feeding your dog making the device suitable for growth and maintain overall well-being.

Furthermore, you get to set the amount of pet kibble. Another factor is that your dog can develop her physical condition which makes them become healthy because of proper feeding.

Regular feeding routine

Going back to the number one list, not only it’s good for you because of your level of business, but this device is also an excellent option if you want to stay your dog in its regular feeding routine. You are focused on your work and on other tasks at the same time your dog is properly fed within their regular feeding hours. So, it’s a win-win situation for you and your dog. You don’t need to remind yourself or make an alarm that it’s feeding time. What you need is to put the pet kibble into the automatic dispenser and voila.

No more early morning feeding chores

Your Golden will always associate you with food. It’s like their natural default setting that they are as if telling you that it’s feeding time already when you are on your bed sleeping. This can sometimes ruin your precious sleep, but dogs are dogs, they can’t help but to make demand and feed them. Having said that, with a large breed automatic dog feeder, there’s no more getting up in your bed to serve your dog a meal, instead, have the machine do the chore instead. It’s efficient and less trouble for you and yet your dog will have a perfect breakfast for himself.

It trains your pet to become disciplined in eating

If humans needed some device to make them more disciplined in the food they eat, it’s also the same with pets. Pets needed weight management also. There’s a statistics that over 50 percent of cats and dogs in the Unite d States alone are overweight. Being overweight is an issue for both humans and pets. They pose a serious threat to health, which can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, reduced life expectancy, and kidney diseases. So investing in an automatic dog feeder is one of the best options to properly guide your golden retriever with a careful amount of dietary supplies.

No more food lying around which attracts insects and rodents

One of the best and perfect benefits of having a large breed automatic dog feeder is it’s organized, it properly controls your dog’s mealtime, and most of all, the device helps you become more organized and makes the area clean. That said, there will be no rodents or insects that will come and take advantage of the leftover kibble food. Automatic food dispensers don’t leave any food scattered around which alleviates the attraction of any insects and rodents.

It also makes your surroundings clean and hassle-free. Convenience is actually the ultimate benefit of having an automatic dog feeder. It just keeps your dog food in one place.


OUR TOP PICK: PETSAFE Automatic Dog Feeder

Product Description: The brand PETSAFE is one of the most trusted brands in the realm of dog supplies and needs. They are even great for their wireless fence system for dogs. Their overall innovation is what makes them truly great and a prime example of this is their PETSAFE automatic dog feeder.' You can now easily schedule your dog's meal inconvenient manner with up to 12 meals for the day. With some flexible portions that can be offered, you can schedule 1/8 cup to 4 cups per meal. You are the judge when it comes to feeding your dog, what they offer is adequate assistance for making your dog food right. Any dry dog food is compatible with this device. Although it's only limited to dry dog to moist dog foods that are up to 3.4 inches in diameter. Also, this is uniquely designed for specific pets and it will only open within the desired setting. Its quality is remarkable. Being among the best brand for pet behavior, you know that you are buying a worthy product that is a good investment for yourself and also for your pet.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Reliability
  • Capacity
  • Value for Money


All in all, should you consider buying it? Absolutely! Nothing beats this brand because of the highly praised and the fine quality it possesses from their customer. This is very sleek in design but it performs well and it’s easy to clean also. So our verdict, this is worth buying and definitely one of the best large breed automatic dog feeders for 2021.


Simple design
Effective for dogs
Works with most dog food


None so far


Little Giant Automatic Dog Feeder

If you want something that’s sturdier in the material that is far greater than the material used in typical automatic dog feeder products, then this Little Giant dog feeder should be your prospect. When it comes to storing a large amount of kibble food, this can be your perfect ally.

Made from galvanized steel with resistance from rust and built to last. This is a great option for a semi long term solution of feeding your golden retriever from a food dispenser. It has a magnetized door keeping out the insects and pests that can potentially destroy the dog food. The angulation is perfect which the food flows smoothly.

You can mount this on a wall because of its backside keyholes. Also, this can hold up to 25 pounds of dry dog food, so there’s nothing to worry about filling this for several days because you got yourself covered with this one.

So, is this worth buying? Of course, it is. This is great for a larger breed that has more demand for dog food. Plus this is easy to load. The material is built with perfection. That said, this is very sturdy and can withstand some heavy rains and even hotter temperatures. But the only downside with this is the magnet isn’t reliable which needed more fixing.

  • Great for big dogs
  • Galvanized steel
  • Very simple design yet so helpful
  • The magnet in the lid isn’t perfect

WOPET SmartFeeder Automatic Dog Feeder

WOPET SmartFeeder is among the top of the line product of automatic dog feeders. It features a microchip that is unique by today’s standards. This means that WOPET’s product has a specific design for a specific pet that will guarantee that he will get the specific food.

As most standard automatic dog feeder has a built-in voice recorder, this device comes with HD camera. This is an excellent way to give massage to your pet before or after she eats. You get to connect with your pet while your away via the screen. Also, you can share your favorite moment on social media instantly.

There are two dispense trays that you can replace based on your dog’s need. The meal can dispense from 1 to 39 portions and each portion is 10 to 12 grams. This program helps control the feeding volume and establish a disciplined eating habit and allow them to become healthy.

No more assemble and it’s so easy to install. Even the installation of this application is easy for both iOS and Android app users and compatible with iOS 7.5 and for Android 4.0 and above. It can also connect with a WiFi network.

All in all, surely this is a great grab for your dog’s needs. Everybody wants their device to be connected with a WiFi connection because you can do a lot with just a wireless connection, and one of those devices is the large breed automatic dog feeder.

  • HD camera for voice and video recording
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Great after-sales service
  • There are some connectivity issues for the initial set up

WESTLINK Automatic Dog Feeder

Most of us have to admit that we sometimes (or often) forget about the right schedule of our dog’s feeding time. This is partly due to our preoccupation with work or other important errands that cover most of our time that we overlook our dog’s needy. Fortunately, there’s an automatic dog feeder like WESTLINK that provides food for our dear pets.

This product can store up to 6 liters of food with  maximum of 4 meals that can provide. Each meal can dispense about 1 to 39 portions, with each portion has 10 to 12 grams. But it’s up to you on how you will set the desired amount of food.

If you are away and want to leave a short message for your dog, worry no more. This has a voice recording message and speaker feature which can record up to 10 seconds of a message. That said, this is an important piece of the feature so that your dog feels being loved and knows that their master still cares for them.

There are also safety features that can prevent sudden lock and spills. With infrared detection built-in, you can rest assured that your dog is still eating its meal at the right amount with no spillage. In addition, this automatic dog feeder

Overall, recommended by the many customers from Amazon, this is a suggested device for your dog’s companion to their mealtime.

The price point is average and it’s a good investment for your pet. The power needed for this is a D battery or a USB power.

  • 6 liters capacity
  • Built-in voice recorder
  • For cats and dogs
  • The tamper-proof is not that reliable

PETLIBRO Automatic Dog Feeder

Last but not the least, PETLIBRO automatic dog feeder. We know that there aren’t many products such as these on the market because of its relatively new product that’s only become more prevalent in recent years.

This is one of the emerging brands that is garnering favorable views because of its great features and reliability when it comes to feeding time.

The PETLIBRO can serve dogs up to 6 meals daily with a portion of 15 ml each or 1 to 50. This means that this product has a large capacity to store dog food for up to 6 liters. You don’t have to worry about the jamming situation for this product is built with an anti-stuck function, so no worries if there’s a malfunction occurs.

It has an easy-to-read LCD panel wherein the display screen you can see the program of the feeding with detailed information. With this LCD screen, you can easily see the status of the auto feeder. Also, there’s an indicator in case the food is running low or empty.

What’s more interesting is that the container of PETLIBRO has secure twist-lock storage which preserves the texture and the crunchiness of the dog food, and so that there will be no stale kibble food when served. Also, you don’t have to worry about power outages because it has a backup battery.

All in all, should you buy it? Yup. This is definitely a good product. Although there’s nothing extraordinary about the features. What makes this an excellent product is that this is capable of your day-to-day feeding schedule if ever you are busy at most times.

  • Clear LED indication
  • Plug Power & Backup Battery
  • Records voice message
  • None so far

Factors To Consider When Buying An Automatic Dog Feeder

Before you go to the store or buy from Amazon (through our affiliate links), you must first be keen enough to check some features, and also there are factors to consider before buying your first large breed automatic dog feeder. Because not all automatic dispenser is the same, below should be your standard guide:

Look for an automatic dog feeder with an airtight reservoir for the dog’s kibble

You might want to look for a heavy-duty automatic dog feeder that features an airtight seal so the air can’t enter which can potentially spoil the food. This allows the stored food to stay fresh for much longer especially it’s important if you have an adult golden retriever that consumes more food and due to they hold more storage. Also, this ensures that you can be assured that your dog food is still fresh with no contamination. In addition, this is more important if you are going to feed them wet food or foods that are meticulous when exposed.

Anti-jam properties

Automatic dog feeders are not perfect. In some cases, there will be a time where your food dispenser will not be reliable which lead to faulty events. Food jamming can be frustrating and this is actually the weakest point of most automatic dog feeders. Fortunately, some of the finest manufacturers have a way to fix a jammed feeder. Just make sure that the product you are intending to buy has a safety mechanism that lets the food out get out of the way to prevent any jamming.

If the product has no antijam mechanism, then you are putting your dog at the risk of skipping meals. This can be very problematic and harmful to your dog especially when you leave him alone for long hours.


This is the obvious factor that must be considered when selecting the best possible automatic dog feeder. But of course, as a buyer, we often tend to forget to look for the superior quality when the cheap and inexpensive dog feeder is readily available. Following this logic, you are putting your dog in grave danger. Poorly designed products are short-lived products and they will cost you more than the best quality product.

Let’s face it, we are always enticed by the price not knowing its consequence in later use. Check if there are safety locks or other safety measures to ensure your dog is feeding the right amount.

Food capacity of the automatic feeder

If you have a large breed dog, then choose the automatic feeder that has a larger feeder capacity. Most feeders can store up to 10 liters in their maximum capacity. Also, you have to match your ideal feeder for your dog’s size because they will need more bowl size in order to make the suggested meal serving for your precious Golden. This is also to avoid any over-dispensing of kibble food if necessary. But of course, the larger the size, the larger should be your investment. Although it’s better that way to ensure your dog is eating properly.

Reliability and correct timer function

Considering this feature will save a lot of your time. Although most of the automatic feeders have timers and you can also set the feeding schedule with a specific time of the day, but more expensive ones have the function to schedule with each different and for multiple hours of the day. In addition, most feeders are usually set in 24 hours of repetitive feeding schedule so that all is set accordingly without any fail.

But be careful when choosing these factors because it can be a bit complex at first. Furthermore what you need is reliability that can aid you when you can’t attend to your dog’s needs.

Select the best automatic dog feeder that suits your dog needs

There are actually several types of automatic food dispensers for dogs on the market. Choosing the best type of automatic dog feeder is also an added factor to fully satisfy your needs and also of your dog. Here are some of the types:

Selective feeder

Selective feeder or also known as, Microchip Pet Feeder. This type of feeder is one of the most high-tech. It uses an RFID collar system that serves as an indicator in order to access the feeder system. This collar is worn by any pet which serves as a regular collar and an access point.

Some of these devices can be used as multi and others offer one feeder per pet. If you want this type, you might want to level up your budget because the price point for this one is usually high.

Hopper-style programmable feeder

This type is widely available and the most common among all automatic dog feeders. Typically this can keep your pet kibble in a large container. The food is only dispensed at an established set of the desired amounts of food during mealtime. Most of these products are programmed by the dog owner which sets the specific quantity of food and what hour of the day. One of the most innovative feats of this product is that a portion of the settings can be controlled through a smartphone.

Gravity-fed automatic dog feeder

The gravity-fed automatic dog feeder type usually doesn’t require any power. They automatically dispense the food whenever the bowl decreased the amount of kibble. The only disadvantage of this is that there’s no limit when it’s served to the bowl. Instead, it will keep on filling the bowl until the storage runs out of capacity. Although these may not be suitable for the everyday feeding program, this is a great alternative whenever there’s a power outage or mechanical failure from your powered dog feeder.

Final thoughts

Although the presented products here are going to serve your dog a great quality dispenser of food, this device should not be a permanent replacement for dog feeding. It’s always better to feed your dog by yourself because they know who to serve and who to bow to. Apart from it, technology seems to catch up when it comes to dog’s needs and supplies. At least it’s a great move for our manufacturers.

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