what is the difference between a golden retriever and an english cream retriever

What Is the Difference Between a Golden Retriever and an English Cream Retriever

Are you willing to know the differences between Golden Retriever and English Cream Golden Retriever? Two of the most well-liked dog breeds in the world are golden retrievers and English cream retrievers, renowned for their amiable personalities and devotion. Even though these two breeds are quite similar, they vary noticeably in a few key ways.

English Cream Retrievers have a somewhat distinct physique and a cream-colored coat. In contrast, Golden Retrievers are renowned for their pleasant disposition and golden coat. We will examine the distinctions between these two popular breeds in this post to assist you in selecting the one that could be the greatest match for your family and way of life.

Origin of Golden Retriever and an English Cream Retriever

The Golden Retriever and the English Cream Retriever are varieties of retrievers dating back to the middle of the 19th century in Scotland. Lord Tweedmouth created the Golden Retriever because he desired a canine to retrieve game and birds from land and water. The Irish Setter, Bloodhound, Tweed Water Spaniel, and different retrievers were among the breeds crossed to form the new breed.

A prominent European breed is the English Cream Retriever, a variant of the Golden Retriever. In contrast to the classic Golden Retriever’s golden coat, this variant has a paler, almost white coat. Breeds like the white European Golden Retriever & the American White Retriever, as well as others, are said to have contributed to this hue in breeding programs for Golden Retrievers.

The kind, devoted, and gentle temperaments of the Golden Retriever & English Cream Retriever and their prowess in therapy, search and rescue, and hunting make them both very prized breeds.

Golden Retriever and English Cream Retriever Breed Differences

what is the difference between a golden retriever and an english cream retriever

There are modest variations among the varieties of Golden Retrievers due to varying breeding standards in North America and Europe. Breeders in North America and Europe have produced Golden Retrievers by AKC or CKC standards. In contrast, United States and Canadian breeders have produced Golden Retrievers following UKKC criteria. The differences between them are as follows:


The biggest distinction that stands out immediately away is this one. The Golden Retrievers from America and Canada have darker coats than the English Retriever. The Kennel Club states that crimson or mahogany are prohibited, whereas any hue of gold or white is permissible. The American Kennel Club accepts golden breeds in rich, glossy hues. Coats that are too light or too dark are not allowed. Like the AKC, the Canadian Kennel Club permits glossy golden of varying tints.


Comparatively speaking to its American and Canadian equivalents, the English Cream Retriever has a thicker & shorter coat. English Retriever: The dog has a deep, water-resistant undercoat and flat or wavy hair with excellent feathering. American Retriever: The coat has light feathering and is thick and water-repellent. Compared to the English Retriever, the coat is a little bit longer. Canadian retrievers have straight or wavy coats that are thinner than those of English and American retrievers.


There are two well-known breeds of retrievers, the Golden Retriever and the English Cream Retriever. Each has unique features, including different skull and head forms. A classic Golden Retriever has a wide, rounded skull with a distinct stop between the eyes. Typically, the head is deep and broad, gently tapering towards the nose.

The English Cream Retriever, in comparison, has a longer nose, a less distinct stop, and a little more angular head shape. Even if the head has a more elegant aspect, it is nonetheless broad and robust. Dog owners and lovers alike adore both breeds and have powerful, beautiful heads typical of their retriever pedigree.


Popular retriever breeds like the English Cream and Golden Retrievers are renowned for their amiable and devoted personalities. Both breeds are categorized as medium to large dogs based on their size. The average golden retriever weighs 55 – 75 pounds and measures between 21 and 24 inches at the shoulder. On the other hand, English Cream Retrievers are a little bigger, weighing 65 to 85 pounds and reaching 22 – 25 inches tall at the shoulder.

It’s crucial to remember that size might vary across dogs based on their genetics, nutrition, and lifestyle. Both species, regardless of size, are wonderful family companions because of their friendly personalities and desire for human contact.


Both breeds possess stunningly attractive and expressive eyes when it comes to their eyes. Golden retrievers often have medium-sized, almond-shaped, dark brown, or hazel eyes. These eyes give them a wise and profound appearance and blend well with their golden coat. On the other hand, English Cream Retrievers are renowned for their attractive eyes, varying from a gorgeous pale blue to a light brown. These eyes seem almost heavenly since they are so big, round, and expressive. Overall, the eyes of both breeds are a distinctive characteristic that enhances their attractiveness and appeal.


Both English Cream Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are retriever breeds renowned for their pleasant dispositions and intelligence. Both breeds have comparable life expectancies in terms of lifetime. On average, English Cream Retrievers and Golden Retrievers may live anywhere from 10 to 12 years.

However, some dogs of these breeds were known to live longer than 12 years with adequate care, which included regular exercise, a good diet, and frequent visits to the veterinarian. As with other dogs, it’s important to provide them the attention they need for them to live long & healthy lives.

Similarities of Golden Retriever and English Cream Retriever

what is the difference between a golden retriever and an english cream retriever

The retriever breeds of English Cream Retrievers and Golden Retrievers have a lot in common, including the following:


The temperaments of English Cream Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are quite similar. These breeds are excellent family pets because of their loving, kind, and devoted temperament. They are excellent companions for children and adults since they are very friendly and like being around humans. Both breeds are clever and simple to teach, making them excellent choices for various jobs, including therapy, hunting, and search and rescue.

They are also renowned for having tolerance and patience, which makes them excellent with other animals and pets. Golden Retrievers & English Cream Retrievers are well-known for having kind, laid-back attitudes that make them popular with those who like dogs.


English Cream Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are highly intelligent dog breeds with equal intellect and trainability. Both breeds are renowned for their superior problem-solving ability, rapid learning curve, and enthusiasm to please their owners. They both like being around people and are quite friendly, making them excellent family pets.

Both breeds are well-known for being trainable and responding well to positive reinforcement techniques, making them ideal candidates for dog sports like agility and obedience. English Cream Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are excellent options for families searching for smart and trainable companions because of their comparable intelligence.

Retrieving Skills

Both English Cream Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are excellent retrievers. They are outstanding hunting and sports dogs because they desire to retrieve and carry anything in their jaws. Both types are renowned for being docile and kind, which makes them the perfect pets for households with young children. English Cream Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are both very trainable and love winning over their owners, so they pick up retrieving techniques quickly. Overall, these two breeds have much in common regarding retrieving skills; both are well known for being among the best in their area.


Popular retriever breeds like the English Cream Retriever and Golden Retriever has much in common regarding the needed activity. Both breeds are very active and need a lot of physical exercise to be healthy and happy. They like going on walks, treks, and runs with their owners. They also enjoy swimming and playing fetch.

Activities that stimulate the intellect, like obedience practice and agility drills, are beneficial for English Cream Golden Retrievers and Golden Retrievers as well since they assist in keeping their brains busy and interested. Overall, these two breeds are wonderful companions for those who live an active lifestyle since they both love to exercise.


Both English Cream Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are renowned for being very trainable. Both breeds desire to learn new instructions and are bright and ready to please their owners. They are also simple to teach for various jobs, including agility, obedience training, hunting, & therapeutic work, since they are quite adaptive to different training techniques.

Both breeds are also kind and tolerant by nature, which makes them ideal for training to deal with kids or people with special needs. Both of these retriever types are very trainable, making them popular options for trainers, families, and various job professions.


Regarding adaptation, Golden Retrievers & English Cream Retrievers have much in common. Both types are well-known for having outgoing dispositions that make them great family dogs. They are adaptable in various settings and activities because of their high trainability and responsiveness to positive reinforcement. Both breeds have a lot of energy and need to be exercised often. Still, they can also adapt to diverse living arrangements, such as living in an apartment or a rural region with a big yard.

English Cream Retrievers and Golden Retrievers have thick, water-resistant coats that enable them to adapt to various weather situations. Due to their versatility, these two breeds are ideal for families and individuals searching for a devoted, friendly, and adaptable companion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do English Golden Retrievers Have a Calmer Temperament?

There are a lot of websites online that assert that English Golden Retrievers are calmer than American and Canadian Retrievers. However, there is no evidence to support this assertion. Breeds like golden retrievers are kind, gentle, and peaceful. It’s only a sales trick to claim that one variety is more composed. When you look at a litter of pups, you’ll notice that not all have the same temperament or disposition. Some pups are quieter than others, while others are more hyper. In addition to heredity, numerous elements might affect a dog’s temperament—for instance, the surroundings and upbringing.

Do Golden retrievers larger than English cream retrievers?

American golden retrievers are seen as being somewhat taller and lankier. In contrast, English golden retrievers are regarded as being shorter and stockier. Compared to American goldens, English goldens often have blockier heads and ears that sit slightly lower.

Are English retrievers considered Golden Retrievers?

Any Golden Retriever that resembles Goldens bred elsewhere is now often referred to as “English” in North America, even if the dog may have been bred in Holland, Scotland, Australia, Norway, Canada, or even the United States and not at all in England.

What breeds produce English cream Golden Retrievers?

English Cream, The subgroup of the breed known as the golden retriever, is not English in origin; it is Scottish. The Tweed water spaniel, Lord Tweedmouth, and the yellow wavy-coated retriever are the parents of this crossbreed. To have his exceptional hunting dogs, the Scottish lord developed the first Golden Retriever in the middle of the 19th century.

Who is the best golden retriever?

The breed’s American Golden is regarded as the gold standard. The American is the most often employed despite having comparable British and Canadian equivalents. A beautiful gold coat covers the American Golden Retriever. Gold may come in various colors but shouldn’t be too bright or dark.

Final Thoughts

While Golden Retrievers and English Cream Retrievers have much in common, including a kind and devoted attitude, they vary significantly in several important ways. They also often have a somewhat different physique, with a stockier frame and a wider skull. Additionally, Golden Retrievers are bred more for their working aptitude than English Cream Retrievers, who are often bred for show reasons. The choice of breed ultimately comes down to lifestyle and personal tastes. Still, both types make fantastic companions and are excellent options for any dog lover. Do you want to know the English cream golden retriever pros and cons? Click Here!

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