What You Need to Know about the Golden Retriever Biting Problems?

In connection to being a popular breed, the Golden Retriever is also docile and friendly to other pets and people even with kids. But, being a dog, the Golden Retriever still has a natural urge to bite. And as retrieving game birds through their mouths runs in their blood, biting naturally comes out as Goldies natural instincts. Because of this, the Golden Retriever biting problems tend to be the main concern.

Luckily, the Golden Retriever does not bite too hard. From the scale of 1 to 10, the probability of the Golden Retriever to bite gears toward zero. Actually, the biting probability of the Goldies is around 2. Since they have a very loving behavior, an attack from the Golden Retriever may not be generally expected. To understand this natural behavior of this breed, let us explore the Golden Retriever biting problems, the cause behind it and how to handle it.

Reasons behind Golden Retriever Biting Problems

Originally, the job of the Golden Retriever was to retrieve game birds from the waters and even on the hills. Because of this, they tend to be fond of swimming and become extremely energetic that requires them to demand lots of exercises every day. Being a hunting dog, Golden Retriever has a natural retrieving instinct having them a potential to bite on hands, objects and anything around.

Moreover, because the Golden Retriever is known for their being friendly and subtle, it is generally surprising if you found them biting people. We already stated that the issue of biting is due to their natural instincts, there are still other factors that lead to these behavioral problems of the Goldies.

In case you become a victim of biting by the Goldies, the reasons could be one of the following:

1. The natural impulse for biting

Biting is a behavior that naturally comes out from any species under the Canis familiaris. The biting of the Goldies is generally one of their inner qualities as a dog.

2. As a response to stress or fear

One of the reasons behind the biting behavior is, again, their natural instinct to respond on stressors around them. Actually, this behavior of the Goldies is a threat for wild animals or strangers.

3. An indication of pain

In case, the Golden Retriever experience pain on a certain spot on his body and you accidentally touch it, you might be a victim of the Golden Retriever biting problems. For once, this reaction comes out from their natural instinct to show pain.

golden retriever biting problems

4. Experience abuse or trauma

This reason for the Golden Retriever biting problems applies generally true for most adopted dogs. A traumatic experience in their past may trigger them to react negatively by biting.

Handling the Golden Retriever Biting Problems

Here are the ways to properly handle the Golden Retriever biting problems:

Understand the reason behind the Golden Retriever biting problems

In case the Golden Retriever biting problems occur, try to analyze the things that trigger the dog in doing it. Once you already know it, it becomes easy for you to solve this canine’s natural behavior.

Train the dog properly

Regardless of the training process, it is generally important to let the dog learn some lessons about biting. Home-training or training on a dog institute is the best options for training them properly.

Punish and reward

The most effective strategy in dealing with the biting issue of the Goldies is to punish them gently for doing the act. But, if they behave well, it is better to give them a reward for the good attitudes that they exhibit. Moreover, if you punish them, make it gently and lesser while giving a tremendous and frequent reward.

Manage the stubbornness of the Golden Retriever

Another factor that may trigger the Golden Retriever biting problems is their stubbornness. Moreover, proper training is also required to control the stubborn behavior of the dog. Train the dog in a manner that they do not think of biting as a choice.

Involve your family and friends

Having a plan on addressing this dog’s behavior, it is generally better to make your family and friends involved with the plan.

Final Thoughts

The Golden Retriever has a subtle and humble attitude but it still has issues regarding the Golden Retriever biting problems. In order to address this, you really need to dig in the root of the problem. By doing so, you would easily address it with the appropriate strategies and proper training. Moreover, you will be definitely sure that the Golden Retriever can deal with these biting issues.

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