Why Are Golden Retrievers So Expensive? — 8 Reasons Why!

Are you considering buying a golden retriever as your pet? Have you ever thought about why are golden retrievers so expensive? It’s actually hard to pinpoint as to why, but there are known reasons golden retrievers are quite expensive. These common reasons are one of the contributing factors as to why the price is what it seems to be.

This article will try to list down the common factors that contribute to the golden retriever’s high price point. This is perfect especially if you are considering buying a nice furry friend be it a puppy or an adult.

Where to Get a Golden Retriever From?

The important thing you need to know is that Golden Retrievers can be found in shelters, humane society, and definitive dog breeders. These are your three main sources of getting a golden retriever.

If you want a purebred golden retriever, find the time to search for trusted dog breeders in your area or someplace. Usually, the golden retrievers you can get from the shelters are often adults and mixed with other breeds. There’s only a rare chance you can find a golden retriever puppy.

Also, if you have a relative that owned a golden retriever, you can even ask for a puppy but they are also rare finds due to their in-demand and high popularity.

Don’t consider backyard breeders

Even if you are so desperately seeking to find a purebred golden retriever puppy, never, ever go to dubious classified ads that are offering golden puppies. Some people posted on a marketplace platform like Craiglist in order to sell their puppies.

Again, don’t buy from them, the fact that they don’t have any legal papers to be deemed as a trusted breeder. Also, they don’t have any health certifications and clearances from the authorities. Better stay away from them. What they’re after is profit not the health of the puppies.

Why Are Golden Retrievers So Expensive? Here are the reasons why

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular and well-loved dog breed in the US. There’s no doubt about that and it’s undeniably a fact. Most often you will see A golden retriever just across your neighborhood, chances are your relatives have a golden retriever as their pet. But despite its popularity and well-loved dog throughout the US, it’s considered one of the expensive dogs both.

Also, sometimes the price will vary from the llife stage. If it’s a golden retriever puppy, it can be quite expensive. Generally, most puppies can range anywhere from $500 to $2,000. But, if you are looking for more purebred and hailed as a champion by AKC (American Kennel Club), you can expect from $300 to $7500 or sometimes higher.

That said, this is because of the dog breeder’s reputation and if it’s recognized by the AKC and it’s legit. These factors usually affect the price. Although, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are still underlying factors that need to be discussed in a short while.

Furthermore, there are some instances that the price is not the guaranteeing factor of the quality of the breeder. The best and effective way is to do your own research and you will need to literally scour any dog breeder you can in your local area or maybe from other places, that is if you are willing to travel far.

What you will need to do is to contact the local breeders and spend time with them. Interview them and get to know them. Ask the breeder about the canine parents if there’s some medical history. They are willing to show any proof of records and will tell you about their traits.

Adult Golden Retriever Dog Price

Adopting an adult Golden Retriever is a great option if you don’t want to dive deep into the process of getting a puppy golden retriever. Also, this is excellent if you don’t want to find yourself in trouble raising a puppy.

You can find an adult golden retriever in a shelter. You will be obliged to pay at least $70 to $300 depending on certain factors. But with that $70 to $300 price range, you can have a handsome golden retrieve waiting for their new master for a cheap price.

Although the downside is that these adult golden retrievers may have gone through a traumatic experience, have been stray for a long time, or been neglected. You might run into trouble for the few months of having them at your household but it’s worth the risk. After all, it’s what you like and you need to give them a good life.

Also, the fact that it’s a very popular breed, there’s still a low chance that you can find a golden retriever puppy.

However, if you really are into golden retrievers and willing to sacrifice the purest of the breed, you can try to find crossbred golden retrievers in humane societies or shelters.

The fact that the common golden retrievers that have been mixed breed can be found in shelters than a purebred golden retriever.

Also if you want a laid-back kind of golden retriever, you may want to adopt a senior golden retriever and they are a great companion in your household.

Golden Retriever Service Dog

A trained golden retriever as a service dog costs up to $25000. Don’t be surprised by this price given the fact that it’s popular and a common choice. This is due to their nature have the willingness to train and dependable on nature.

The reason why the cost is somewhat expensive because there are a lot of contributing factors that lead to its expensive price. Factors such as vet bills, food, placing, training, and other expenses.

Service dogs usually guide a person with a disability. Golden retrievers work includes, therapy dogs, hearing dogs for deaf people, guide dogs for blind people, and assistance dogs that open and close doors, turn the light off and on, and more.

So now you know the reason behind its hefty price. Added that, service are specially trained and they have gone through rigorous training just to at least become perfect fit and great assistance for their future master.

Factors That Affects The Cost Of A Golden Retriever


Because there are only quite a few decent breeders that offer nice and healthy golden retriever puppies. Also, some dog breeders prefer to reside in a rural place just to be sure that their golden retriever parents and puppies stay healthy. That said, this is the reason why the location affects the price. Because some states or cities have varied breeding regulations.

In addition, location can be a hurdle and because of that, sometimes you will be charged with the airfare fee and another meticulous process. This, of course, affects the price. Some are lucky to have dog breeders that are near their place such as the California area to set an example.

Clearances, warranties, and certification

Authorized and legit dog breeders often have certification, warranties, clearance once the deal is closed. With that, this will likely increase the cost due to the processing of papers. Also, a pedigree dog without certification is less expensive than those who have certification.

All these processing papers may double the price but it’s your safe ticket that your puppy is clear of any health problems and that his parents are generally healthy.

In addition, of course, certified dog breeders will charge more because they are reputable. But don’t be fooled and blinded by their certifications, because even though they have certain certificates and recognized by AKC, it could be less desirable. With that, make sure that you thoroughly research every dog breeder. Doesn’t matter if it will take you some time at least you have done your assignment. This is another reason why are golden retrievers so expensive.

Bloodlines and Lineage

There are what we call show dogs, these dogs are often derived from champion breeders. These champion breeders are recognized by AKC (American Kennel Club). The reason they are champions is that they have entered a competition and won. Once a dog is deemed champion regardless of its generations-old or new, they are recognized by the AKC. This will also affect the price.

If you really are a “purist” then you will have to add more bucks in order to get what you want. But in fairness, legitimate dog breeders are caring and they select their future pet parent meticulously.

That said, the price point for a champion golden retriever puppy ranges from about $3000 to $5000. When it comes to the price tag of show-quality puppies, it’s approximately $24000.


Gender is an added factor that makes the golden retrievers expensive. Females are slightly higher in price than males. The fact that their personality is much calmer, relaxed, and independent, compared to male golden retrievers who are more affectionate and energetic.

Also, females tend to produce litter making them cost more. Although most people choose personality, not just the gender and the price. But still, both are lovable dogs and


Puppies will always cost more than the older Golden Retriever. It’s just sad that people don’t often choose older dogs. Maybe because they wanted to experience raising the puppy and experience from birth to their death. Unlike older dogs who have a shorter lifespan.

However, older golden retrievers are often reserved and they are affectionate and easy to maintain. This is because they are fully grown and they are matured enough. Although, there are some older golden retrievers that have a horrible experience with their previous owners. What they need is special attention and more tender, loving, and care.

Consider the long term ownership expenses

If the golden retriever puppy itself is expensive, what more if it’s in the long-term ownership? Obviously, it’s way pricier than the golden retriever itself but over time, you will actually not notice it. Because you are so preoccupied loving them and giving them the utmost care which is more valuable than the actual cost of maintenance and other miscellaneous expenses.

But if you are considering buying or having a golden retriever, it’s better that you have the complete picture that surrounds the overall cost of having a golden retriever. Not just the price for the puppy itself.


Golden Retrievers have thicker coats and medium-length hair. This means that Golden Retrievers requires regular grooming needs. So, if we are going to break down, the shampoo per bottle cost about $10 and a good brush cost $15 to $20. Also, be sure to store a lot of shampoos, the fact their coat is thick.

If you want them to take to the professional groomer, you will be obliged to pay about $70 per grooming session. Golden retrievers need to be groomed at least 3 to 4 times a year.

Not only that, to be able to complete their grooming experience, they will need some toothbrushes and toothpaste which can cost $9. Because the dog’s dental care is a priority. This is to help fight off cavities and other bacterial infections. So, these is generally the expenses for a golden retriever’s grooming care.

Vet bills

Like any other dog, golden retrievers are generally healthy canines. Although that doesn’t guarantee that they are invulnerable to any illness and disease. In fact, they still are susceptible to any form of health condition.

One of the most common ailments that golden retrievers have is cataracts ($250 to $900), hip dysplasia ($100 to $2000), and ichthyosis ($250 to $1000). That’s why health is wealth. Any dog can suffer from any health condition.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the reasons as to why are golden retrievers so expensive. Although these may not be comprehensive enough, the important thing is you got the gist of it.

There are still some underlying reasons and factors that contribute to the high price point of goldens. Despite that, they are still popular and one of the most well-loved canine breeds on the whole planet. That’s an undeniable factor for sure.

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