Why Are Golden Retrievers so Happy?

There is a heartwarming reason why the family-friendly Golden retriever is the top choice of many dog owners. Golden retrievers have everything you could ask for. They have a friendly and loyal fun-loving temperament. Added to this, they are intelligent and caring. These pets can tickle your funny bone and calm someone angry. What is not to love? You may ask why are golden retrievers is so happy? This article describes their temperament and explains its unique and amazing personality. Golden retrievers are friendly to everyone they meet, from strangers on the street to visitors that come to your home.

Why Are Golden Retrievers so Happy and Friendly?

Why Are Golden Retrievers so Happy

Why are golden retrievers so happy? One of the main reasons golden retrievers are a popular breed is they readily allow you into their heart to become your best friend. These amazing breeds are super friendly and easy-going. They aim to please more than anything in the world.

The reason Golden retrievers are extremely friendly is due to their natural personality traits.


Golden retrievers have natural self-confidence in their abilities and will fulfill any task up to the end.


Throughout their lifespan, a golden retriever will be fun and playful. These dogs are extremely social and are not suspicious when they see a stranger.


Why are golden retrievers so happy? Golden retrievers are eager to please their human owners and will do anything to make everyone happy. These breeds are amazingly trustworthy, making them an asset to any family.


Golden retrievers, similar to Labradors, are typically used as guide dogs for blind people. They are extremely patient and care deeply for the safety and well-being of their masters as well as other dogs.


The joy and happiness of a golden retriever are rather infectious.


The Golden retriever is fourth on the list of the seven most intelligent dogs in the world.


Why are golden retrievers so happy? No matter how long you’ve been away, a golden retriever will give you a warm welcome than other breeds.

Good nature

Golden retrievers are generous and tend to get easily attached to their human owners.


Why are golden retrievers so happy? Since they are adaptable and calm, Golden retrievers are frequently employed in health facilities as therapy dogs. They have no trouble staying calm and quiet, and obedient. They are happiest this way.


Why are golden retrievers so happy? Golden retrievers enjoy being outdoors. It is a paradise to spend time outdoors with your company. Golden retrievers are amazing athletes and are excellent in sports that utilize their agility and competitiveness. They have an intrinsic ability to work at tasks, and they enjoy swimming and playing and running.

Golden Retrievers Are Man’s Best Friend- Why Are Golden Retrievers so Happy?

Why Are Golden Retrievers so Happy

Why are golden retrievers so happy? Golden retrievers are loyal and loving dogs. This breed has been with families more than any other dog breed. Although the Golden retriever has a long history as a house pet, they also get attention on dog shows.

However, what a typical dog owner will look for in a golden retriever will differ from one that will show well. When it comes to ideal standards, the perfect Golden retriever must have athletic ability and weigh in the range of 65 and 75 pounds if they are male and 55 and 65 pounds if they are female.

Two coats

Golden retrievers have a double coat. The first is a thick undercoat, while the other is an outercoat that the dog uses to protect themselves from weather elements. The outer coat will be the first thing that judges will examine. Thus, it is crucial that it is maintained well and has zero clumps and mats with no dirt and tangles. When it comes to the coloring the Golden retriever, it can any variation of gold hues, ranging from yellow shade to deeper copper color.

Just as important as a smooth and clean coat is the ideal temperament. Golden retrievers are popular for their affectionate and friendly disposition. They have a reputation for being man’s best friend. Goldens can adapt to any situation.

Abilities of the Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are known for their marking ability, their ability to retrieve objects, their sensitive noses, and high trainability. They are considered to be easy to train. Golden retriever puppies have an intense desire to please their human owners. They have a strong will to achieve tasks. It is easy for them since they have a good memory. They are considered to be one of the most trainable dog breeds in existence.

Why are golden retrievers so happy? Since golden retrievers have a pleasing temperament and are easily trainable, they are among the most beloved dog breeds for every type of owner. They are great for both young and old owners. Please make sure you get your golden retriever puppy trained and watch them improve and progress into a loving and loyal best friend.

FAQs- Why Are Golden Retrievers so Happy?

What are the distinct qualities of a golden retriever that separates it from other breeds?

Why are golden retrievers so happy? The answer to this can be rather complicated. At the DNA level, dogs are extremely similar to each other. They will have a similarity of up to 99%. They are also closely similar to wolves up to 99%.

Wolves are under the same umbrella of species. But obviously, there are distinct differences. However, these are not reflected as huge changes on the DNA level.

There are tons of research currently being done to understand how DNA changes can lead to huge changes in the outward appearance of dogs. The most interesting study on dogs found that some genes have an impact on small body size.

Behavior is a lot more complex than body size since there are many variables in play. A current study suggests that a chemical known as glutamate present in the brain influences behavior.

Is being a purebred Golden retriever an assurance that the dog will exhibit specific personality traits?

There is no guaranteed predictor of the personality trait of dogs. Breed and personality are certainly linked, but it remains a mystery how this turns out exactly. Why are golden retrievers so happy?

Golden retrievers are known to be personable and obedient, but there are exceptions to the rule. Some Goldens will not be particularly friendly nor trainable.

What about the personality of mixed Golden retriever dogs?

A mixed-breed dog’s personality cannot be predicted since the genes from the parents of different breeds can combine and mix in surprising ways.

Typically, a purebred dog is purebred because they were bred until they match the traits humans care about. Every golden retriever will have long hair, which is one of the traits that makes this breed distinct. Humans breed them this way because they like it and decided that these characteristics are attractive.

For example, if you mate a golden retriever to a dog poodle, you are combining genes. You are mixing straight long hair with coiled curly hair. In this case, you know for sure what you will get. Curly hair is the dominant gene, so all poodles and Golden crosses will turn out curly-haired.

But when you mate mixed breed puppies to each other, you are not breeding purebreds. In this case, it cannot be predicted how the offspring will turn out. They may end up genetically varied. You will not know what will happen if it will be curly-haired or long haired in the next generation.

There is a ton of argument about personality traits. You may likely get different answers depending on the expert you ask. Typically golden retrievers exhibit common personality traits in each individual dog.

Are there dog breeds who are genetically likely to be aggressive?

Dogs, including golden retrievers, which are not socialized well, may not be used to living with humans and are at risk of being aggressive and dangerous. The treatment and socialization of dogs will have an impact on their behavior as much as their breed.

That being said, genetics does play a crucial role in the behavior of your dog. Some dogs are predisposed to develop aggression. However, no breed has such an extreme risk of developing aggression that it makes it sensible to pass a law against them. It is much more effective to pass a law that supports responsible dog ownership. But it is crucial to lay down regulations regarding dealing with dogs who have exhibited aggression and have become a danger to the community.

Are there any fallacies about dog breeds and personal traits?

Why are golden retrievers so happy? People typically choose a dog because of the personality of the breed.

It is crucial to remember that dogs are individuals, even if they are categorized into convenient breed groups. There is no guarantee that a dog’s breed will give it the personality associated with the breed. Dogs well develop their particular direction based on their experiences and treatment by their human owners.

What should people do if they want a dog who will be well behaved with their kids?

The best way to find out if a dog will be good with kids is to find an adult dog with proven good behavior. Try to manage this dog around your kids in a safe environment. Make sure not to leave the dog with your kids alone. Make sure your kids are well-behaved and do not tease or harass the dog. The dog must have plenty of exercises and have its own area away from your active kids. You can experiment with any dog, not just the Golden retriever.


If you want a puppy for your family, you will always take a risk since you will not know how it will turn out as an adult. It is similar to raising a human child. However, you can stack the deck in your favor by obtaining a dog breed that will accommodate your lifestyle. Make sure to get a puppy from a breeder who has a good reputation and has socialized the dog well. The breeder must have given the dog plenty of training, socialization, and physical activity. It is even more difficult to foresee how mixed breed dogs will turn out. But a majority of owners have obtained mixed breeds and raised them in a family with kids. There were no problems, and they made sure to train the puppy well.


Make sure to give your local trainer a call. Ask if you can have a session for your dog and get their expert advice. Trainers will be thrilled to give these kinds of favors. It is crucial to remember that prevention is the best cure, and you should get as much help as you can get right from the start. Train out problem behaviors immediately.

What else is there to know about dog breeds and genetics?

Personality is a rather complicated issue that is influenced by genetics and the environment in surprising ways. It is a mystery that cannot be completely understood.

It makes it challenging to predict what your new puppy will become when they reach the adult stage. This mystery keeps life and dogs interesting.

Your Golden Retriever’s Distinct Happy Smile- Why Are Golden Retrievers so Happy?

Why Are Golden Retrievers so Happy

Why are golden retrievers so happy? You will know your golden retriever is happy with their smile. The happy smile is also dubbed as the fencing smile. Observe the look of your dog, and they will tend to have their lips pulled back and open their mouth. Their lolling tongue will hang out. They often accompany the smile with panting, especially if they have been playing or exercising. Your dog may also be trying to cool down. They smile when they feel happy and contented. They are showing you that life is well and they are having a great time with you!

Final thoughts

There is no better sight than a happy dog. After a stressful day and your energetic dog rushes by your side to greet you, it will melt away your stress. Dogs love unconditionally. It is especially true for golden retrievers. You can even train this breed to be the perfect companion. You can turn them into clowns that tickle your funny bone with their amazing tricks. Why are golden retrievers so happy? Although the link between personality and breed is a mystery, many owners have raved about the Golden retriever and provided plenty of evidence and anecdotes that this breed is indeed the best friend you can ever have.

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