Why Are Golden Retrievers So Popular?

One of the greatest questions that until now baffled many people in the dog community is the question of why are golden retrievers so popular? To simply answer this, there is actually no definitive answer. In fact, there are many answers that could support this perennial question and all of them prove to be true. 

This article will examine closely as possible as to why are golden retrievers so popular. Plus, we will also digest their traits, history, and overall health as we dive deep into their wonderful world. So we, as dog owners will get to know more about them and to fully, if not, just understand their nature of being.

Golden Retriever: A history

We know that the golden retrievers are one of the kindest, playful, and easy-going dog breed out there. Our modern conception about these wonderful animal creatures is mesmerizing because of their natural behavior. Also, because of their shining golden or blonde long hair and their medium-large dog breed which seems to gain a well-received reputation to every household. But what’s the underlying history of these adorable, cute, and loving dogs? Are they really that kind even in the past?

Golden retrievers are trained to assist or retrieve any shot animals such as ducks and other kinds of waterfowl birds. These breeds have a natural likeness towards the water and they are easy to train obedience from basic to advanced, they are also an excellent breed belonging to hunting dog or gun dog.

Unfortunately, experts are having a hard time tracing the golden retriever’s ancestor. But what’s clear to them is that they are used as a companion of hunters because of their superb ability to retrieve game, hence the name golden retriever. Furthermore, later records showed that the modern golden retrievers could possibly be linked to Flat-Coated Retriever (formerly known as Wavy-Coated Retriever) and they originally came from England.

What made the golden retrievers gained popularity is when First Lord Tweedmouth, Dudley Marjoriebanks cross-bred a Flat-Coated Retriever to other dog breeds believing it would improve the abilities of the breed for hunting which came to be the modern golden retrievers. Not long after, these would eventually gain recognition from hunters and soon they developed and evolve to what they are known for today.

Vital information of Golden Retrievers

Apart from being a hunting dog, the golden retrievers are one of the friendliest dog breeds out there and they are willing to serve their master until the very end that’s why they are unquestionably a great companion to have. When it comes to their conformation, they are solid and powerful. If they are trained properly they won’t have any hard time carrying out any function and task assigned to them.

According to American Kennel Club, these are the body build and structure of the golden retrievers:

Height: For males 23 to 24 inches; females 21 1/2 to 22 1/2 inches

Weight: Males have 65 to 75 pounds; females have 55 to 65 pounds

Coat color and type: Cream to gold; dense outer coat and thick on the undercoat; some coats are straight, some are wavy

Life span is 10 to 12 years

10 Reasons Why Golden Retrievers are popular

They are incredibly friendly

Golden retrievers are very well known for this trait. They are so friendly and can be affectionate to any family members but knows who their master is. This breed also goes along with the kids and they know how to play with them gently without any aggressive behavior. What’s only alarming to golden retrievers (to some dog owners) is they know no foes. In short, they are friendly even with strangers.

Easy to train

Their natural behavior towards others is out of the question as mentioned above. When it comes to training, they can follow from simple to advanced command which makes them one of the highly intelligent breeds. They have great dedication and concentration in every mental stimulation and even in physical activities. This is the reason why they are also well-suited for search and rescue operations, a companion for disabled persons, and even a canine companion of police and military department.


Most Golden can adapt to any living situation in different environments. They are great for small to big house sizes. They can even be left alone without any supervision for at least 6 hours a day, and the maximum is 8 hours. This is their acquired natural instinct since their primitive state of being hunting and retrieving dogs.

They are chill dogs

Golden retrievers may be medium-large built-in body structure which can be thought of being a guard dogs and fierce. Actually, it’s quite the contrary. They may have a relatively big stature but they also have a big heart that can win you over. That said, they are quiet, fun, and chill on most days. But when it’s playtime, they will give their best just for you.

They are born with a knack for swimming

Almost all dogs by natural default setting can probably swim. But rarely are the dogs born adept swimmers and among them are the golden retrievers. Due to their webbed feet, this helps them to swim greater than the other dog breeds across a body of water. In addition, this is due to their being born and raised to hunt waterfowl birds which automatically makes them learn how to swim.

The distinctive hair

Obviously, this is among the best reason why golden retrievers are so popular. It’s their distinctive hair that contributes to their popularity. Who can’t resist owning a cream to golden-colored hair, not to mention if it’s illuminated? Plus the duality of the coat, its easy-going nature, and its overall fluffiness. I bet no one can stand this cuteness-filled creature called the golden retriever.

Require lots of activities – how much is needed?

Even though sometimes (or most of the time) golden retrievers can be seen as couch potatoes, they require some physical activities and they like to walk them in a park for a fresh sight and to greet some neighbors too.

These dogs require about 40 to 60 minutes of heavy exercise daily. Bringing them in your daily walking, running, or jogging is suitable for them. They are definitely game in outdoor activities such as fetch, frisbee, and even running freely. Their energy level is high and considered an active dog especially when it’s playtime and mental stimulation activities. Furthermore, taking them into dog sports competitions is another source of their physical activities.

They are also on good terms with other animals

If some dogs have a love and hate relationship with cats and other pets like rabbits, golden retrievers don’t have any problem getting along with other animals especially when they are properly trained early on. Their socialization towards other pets is very friendly which makes them create a harmonious household.

Very attentive

Golden retrievers are very attentive, especially to their masters. A possible reason is that they were bred as a companion of hunters making them be obedient at all times. They are also eager to please their master with no hesitation and when called, all their attention is only to their master. Golden retrievers will unquestionably follow you everywhere you go. And for the question of as to why are golden retrievers so popular is also because of this trait.

Their mouth are soft

While people can be scared by the sheer size and its enormous mouth of the golden retriever, but the owner knows that even with their big stature, they have a soft big mouth and a large tongue that’s always changing. This factor contributes to the overall lovable appearance of the golden. They are never ashamed of sticking their tongue out and licking their master’s face.

Golden retriever level of shedding

Golden retrievers have two coats. Their outer coat is waterproof and they have a thicker undercoat for which makes them great swimmers and able to withstand colder weather conditions. Even though they have these wonderful attributes, their downside is their level of shedding.

The golden retriever’s level of shedding is moderately high. Their high shedding peak is usually during spring and fall. This is because they naturally adapt to any weather conditions. That said, they will require a regular amount of grooming needs and it’s a tedious task for dog owners who have little experience taking care of this particular breed.

Check out the Do Golden Retrievers Shed for detailed information.

Golden retriever grooming needs

Golden retrievers are popular with their distinct hair. With the golden retriever’s medium hair length and because they can shed profusely, they needed to be groomed regularly. They must be brushed frequently and bathed occasionally. This can be done either yourself or pay someone to do it professionally.

Fortunately, they aren’t difficult to groom, but if you didn’t brush them regularly, their coats can be mat easily due to their medium to long coat length. You don’t need to have a grooming set or any professional grooming tools. What you need is only the essential tools like a brush, nail trimmers, and de-shedding tools.

Remember, don’t think of this as a task, grooming your dog is also a great way for bonding which keeps you closer with each other and it means that you care for your dearest dog.

Golden retriever’s first night at home – during puppyhood

If you have successfully adopted a golden retriever, chances are, they will often bark and look for their mother and this can be stressful both in you and in the puppy’s case. It’s normally preferred to train them to be on the train within their puppy stage, that is, if you want to make your golden to be the best companion.

This will teach them to know their limits because too much leniency will make them irresponsible adults someday and it’s hard for them to control if not properly trained during their puppyhood.

Things you need to do for a golden retriever puppy

Prevent them from destructive chewing

Puppies explore their world through their teeth. Their teeth are very sharp. As a result, this may lead to destructive chewing with their ripping and shedding ways with all the things they can get including your valuables. Although their teeth are immature and likely to fall off from seven to twenty weeks. After that, they will be replaced by permanent teeth when they reached six months of age or less.

This can be frustrating but it’s a part of owning a dog. What you can do is to give them appropriate chew toys this will stave them off from chewing your belongings. Also, you can discipline them and set a boundary so they will learn to chew responsibly.

They need socializing

Golden retriever puppies are the cutest puppies and many will agree with this statement. That said, although they generally possess some friendly temperament, they needed to be introduced to other people and pets for socialization.

This will greatly affect their behavior towards someone, especially during their puppy stage. Thereby, by the time they become mature, they will have no problems dealing with family members, strangers, and other pets n your household. This trait is what golden retrievers are popular for.

Put them on a doggie daycare

Even puppies need a daycare too! This is a great alternative if you can’t supervise them at all times and you’re working full time. A nice doggie care facility will make your puppy introduce and get to socialize with other dogs and even humans. Be sure to check first a well-run facility in order to meet your puppy’s needs.

Golden retriever’s first night at home – called for the adoption

It’s actually far easier to own an adult golden retriever than a puppy. Adult goldies have already an established personality and they didn’t need a fairly high amount of exercise than their puppy counterpart, especially if you are up for adopting one.

This is because they are well-trained and well-taken care of during their foster period at the adoption center. That said, they needed less attention and they are easy to bring along during your exercise routine. Also, before you get your dog, you will have to undergo a screening process that can be a perfect fit for you.

Things you need to do when bringing a golden retriever adult home

Plan ahead

Adopting an adult golden retriever can be overwhelming because you don’t what to expect just like having a puppy. The best way to keep things in order is to plan ahead because this is crucial to make your dog’s arrival become a smooth transition and less worrying. You need to buy a piece of dog equipment, a crate (if necessary), and dog food supplies.

Prepare your yard (if you have)

You will need to prepare your yard and mark out your desired potty spot so everyone is informed as to where your golden retriever should take a potty session. This is also essential by the time your goldie is used in your area and comfortable at roaming around.

Don’t overwhelm your newly adopted golden retriever

Don’t overwhelm your newly adopted dog by bringing some of your friends and relatives so suddenly. You should at least give it a week and after that, you introduce them slowly. Because if you aren’t too careful, your dog might become stressed and even trigger some anxiety with all the noise and confusion surrounding its environment. Keep in mind to let your dog have space. Once settled, you can introduce your dog to different places and different people, and even to pets.

Cate train them (it depends)

It’s also recommended to have them crate train. The moment your golden get used to your household, your dog will develop complacency and they will have the tendency to frolic around. The best way to prevent any abusive behavior is to crate train them in order to know their limits and also to know that there are rules in your house. Although some golden retrievers may have had a bad experience from their past or suffered from anxiety, such cases must be refrain from crate training.

Make them a scheduled routine

All dogs are a creature of habit. Make a scheduled activity for your golden retriever such as walking, feeding, and outdoor activities. This will help your dog to be dependent on you and to completely trust you and to treat you as their master.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages of owning a Golden Retriever?

They shed. A lot. Especially during spring and fall, and most of those excess hairs will fall into your body and maybe get filled with hairs.

They are natural diggers. So if you have a nice well-developed yard with landscape and garden, always be on alert and supervise them closely because when something triggers them, they will dig relentlessly until they are satisfied.

They are prone to health problems. These are likely the case of most purebred canines. Such health problems they might possibly acquire are Hip and elbow dysplasia, cancer, epilepsy, heart disease, allergies, and other skin conditions.

Are Golden Retrievers high maintenance?

Yes, they are. The fact that they shed moderately most particularly on specific seasons. Apart from that, they require high physical outdoor activities such as physical and mental exercise, they are prone to health problems (which can be expensive when there’s a serious health issue).

That being said, they may be high in maintenance but their level of loyalty and the amount of affection they give to their master are far higher or even beyond imagining. That’s why golden retrievers are popular.

Can Golden Retrievers live in a warm climate?

They can live in a warm climate and any other climate depending on their coat. If the coat is thick, long, and dense, they are more suitable in cold climates. But with the thinner ones, they can live in warmer climates, but be sure to give them proper ventilation, enough water, and decent equipment (if necessary) because their coat is still thicker than dog breeds living in a warmer climate.

Final Thoughts

So, why are golden retrievers so popular? Because they are just plain cute and easy-going. As we have learned that they are bred to be a man’s companion, it’s no surprise that they have become one of the most well-loved dog breeds in the world. These are just among the answers and there are plenty of reasons which aren’t covered in this list.

Also, there are reasons why owning golden retrievers can be disadvantageous and one of the primary reasons is their high maintenance in grooming needs and also expensive when it comes to medical attention. But everyone has their own matter of preference and it’s up to us whether we love them or not according to their popularity.

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