Why Do Golden Retrievers Smile?

Golden retrievers are notable for their temperament. They might be the ultimate dog companion. Aside from their stunning looks, they are also well known for their smile. Why do golden retrievers smile? Golden retrievers seem to be happy all the time and smile a lot. Of course, your Golden will not be able to tell you exactly what they feel. As a dog owner, you are curious about their smile since it can convey different emotions, such as confrontation and subservience. Your golden retriever’s smile tells a lot. Smiles will have different meanings, and sometimes the difference is subtle. Expressions can look the same, but they are actually conveying different emotions.

3 Types of Dog Smiles – Why Do Golden Retrievers Smile?

Why Do Golden Retrievers Smile

You will find your Golden retriever having different types of smiles. You will see a different smile in each different situation.

Panting smile

Why do golden retrievers smile? When it comes to this type of smile, your dog will have their lips seemingly pulled back. Their mouth is open, and their tongue is lolling out. They seem to be panting and trying to cool themselves down. Because of the position of their mouth, they seem to be happy and enjoying life. It may be true if you have just finished a fun game of fetch.

Submissive smile

Why do golden retrievers smile? When your dog shows this type of smile, they will be funnily baring their teeth. Typically, they will lower their bodies and squint their eyes. They will have an upturned neck. They are telling you that they adore you and defer to you. They might even exhibit this behavior to other dogs they encounter. They want to signal to you that they are friendly and not a threat.

Aggressive smile

Why do golden retrievers smile? Aggressive smiling can accompany a terrifying growl. Your Golden is telling you that they feel uncomfortable and threatened. It is a warning sign to stay back.

Reading your Golden’s smile – why do golden retrievers smile

You must be able to read the smile of your dog. It will tell you how they are feeling about a situation. In some cases, aggressive smiles and submissive smiles can look the same. You should read your Golden retriever’s body language and know what it means.

A Golden’s Smile – Why Do Golden Retrievers Smile?

Why Do Golden Retrievers Smile

When it comes to a friendly smile, your dog’s ears will be pulled forward in a relaxed position. They will exhibit loose and comfortable posture. They might also show excitement. There tell you that they are happy and stimulated. Why do golden retrievers smile?

You will know that your dog is exhibiting an aggressive smile if they have a rigid posture. Their ears are pulled back, and you can visibly see the tension in their bodies. They feel uncomfortable and nervous. Your best move is to control your dog or remove them from whatever is stressing them out.

However, keep in mind that a Golden retriever will rarely exhibit aggression. They are extremely easy-going dogs, and there aren’t many things that can make them lose their cool. Why do golden retrievers smile?

Panting smiles are also a type of smile. You might think that they are just cooling off and feeling fine. However, be vigilant with this kind of smile since your dog might be in pain and feeling discomfort. If you find that your dog shows this smile when they haven’t undergone strenuous exercise or play, they might be in some pain.

Be watchful of your dog when they switch to an upright position from lying down since they might be suffering pain in their joints and other areas of their body.

Teach Your Golden Retriever to Smile – Why Do Golden Retrievers Smile?

Golden retrievers are an extremely intelligent dog breed. They understand what you want them to do. They are generally easy to train since they are eager to please their owners. You can train your Golden retriever to smile, similar to teaching any command. Such as sit or stay.

You need to invest time and patience in training your Golden to smile on command. You might be thinking that your adult Golden retriever cannot learn new tricks, but you will be surprised.

Some dog owners say that it is important to continue training your dog as they get older. It stimulates their cognitive functioning and helps them keep alert. In many cases, it is more effortless to train adult dogs since they are more focused and less excitable. Older dogs will also have prior knowledge of certain commands, such as hand signals.

The following are easy steps that can help you train your Golden to smile on command:

  • Observe your Golden closely. You will know the signs that they are about to smile.
  • Once they smile, offer them a treat. Pet them and praise them. Let them know that they have done what you want. It is crucial to reward them as soon as they smile to understand that they have performed what is expected.
  • Repeat this process several times as you gradually space treats.
  • When you want your Golden to smile on command, use hand signals. If you perform this hand signal every time you train them, they will connect it with the action of smiling.

Does Your Golden Understand Smiles? – Why Do Golden Retrievers Smile?

Experts and owners debate whether dogs really understand smiles. A majority believe that your dog will smile at you to please you. It may be learned behavior from how you reacted to them previously when they smiled.

Keep in mind the dogs are always observing their human owners’ actions to help them better understand them. They want to know your feelings and your moods. A majority believe that dogs learn from signs and signals that show how we are feeling.

Smiling is a gesture that dogs immediately pick up on. When you smile, it tells conveys the message that you are happy. Dogs observe this and quickly learn. There has been research regarding dogs and smiles, and it suggested that dogs can identify smiling faces.

Is a Golden’s Smile the Same as a Human Smile? – Why Do Golden Retrievers Smile?

Owners would like to think that a smile from their dog is a sign of happiness. It is correct to assume that they are cheerful most of the time. But will it have the same meaning as a human grinning?

The answer to this remains unknown since dogs cannot talk. We can only deduce how they are feeling.

Why do golden retrievers smile? A smile is exhibited when a dog is playing. It follows that they are probably happy. However, there is no scientific basis for this.

A pet owner will often develop a deep understanding of their dog. They can sense each other’s moods. But that amazing smile may not be what it means.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why do golden retrievers seem so happy all the time?

Golden retrievers seem to be always cheerful. It is one of their qualities that makes them such amazing dogs. Goldens are confident dogs, so they can walk tall with a wagging tail. Goldens get along excellently with people and other animals. Their friendly nature contributes to the impression they are happy all the time. It is rare for a Golden to become aggressive. Aggressive dogs seem less happy than a calm and serene dog such as a golden retriever.

How can I make my golden retriever happy?

Golden retrievers seem to be happy all the time, but to make sure that they stay this way, there are several things you can do. For one, this breed requires tons of attention. Give them loads of love, and they will return your affection. Keep in mind that Golden retrievers enjoy the water, so you might want to take them for a swim from time to time. It will make them happy. Goldens are also sociable breeds, so make sure to interact with them regularly and give them other animal friends.

Final Thoughts – a Golden Retriever’s Love

By nature, golden retrievers are extremely affectionate and loving. If you have been a loving dog owner, your Golden retriever will adore you and be loyal. They will be unconditional in their affection for the rest of their lives.

You can tell your Golden retriever loves you by reading their body language and exchanges with you. Look for signs of affection such as staying by your side and following you wherever you go. These are signs that they love you. But you can also look for subtle behavior such as when they follow you with their eyes or when they want to stay in the room with you.

You will also find that they love you when they lie on your bed and couch when you are away from home. They want to be close to items that smell like you.

But it would help if you didn’t worry about your Golden retriever’s affection. You shouldn’t doubt the love of dogs in general. All dogs will love their human owners without condition as long as they are responsible dog owners.

However, the same isn’t true about cats. Cats remain a mystery to humans and are not completely understood by either science or their owners. But rest assured that if you have a standoffish pet cat, your friendly and positive Golden retriever will get along with them and even want to be their friend.



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