Your Ultimate Best Wireless Fence System For Dogs

It’s sometimes hard to have a visual of your golden retriever at all times. Especially when you are in a busy situation tending some other chores. We all know that Goldens are highly active dogs that love to run around, dog, play with themselves. What’s even more alarming is that your yard is a completely open area. This alone plus your playful golden retriever will be your problem. They might even end up elsewhere out of their curiosity. Now is the time to get the best wireless fence system for dogs.

This article will review some of the best wireless fence system for dogs. And, yes. We are all aware that there are many manufacturers that offer cheap wireless fence systems. But the word cheap alone should not be your only requirement when looking for such a product. You should also include quality and the specific features that depend on the behavior of your golden retriever.

Bear with us for a moment and take time to look at our carefully selected and researched best wireless fence system for dogs. This will guarantee your questions and needed information are covered so you can save time looking for the best product.

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Wireless Dog Fence
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Wireless Dog Fence
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Wireless Dog Fence

What are wireless fence system for dogs and why do we need them?

A fence is a boundary and a form of protection to make a peaceful coexistence within the neighbors. This is also the same definition of the wireless fence but the only difference is its wireless feature. Robert Frost is right about having well-built fences make good neighbors. Because it’s actually true.

The wireless fence for dogs has a transmitter that must be placed on the center of the area in order to successfully map out the boundary.

The transmitter then creates a circular invisible boundary and beyond the boundary is a no-go zone. Meaning it will trigger an alarm (depending on the device’s feature) when your dog reaches beyond the invisible border.

It may actually sound pretty cool and perfect but there are still some caveats regarding the wireless fence when in use. This will be tackled later on.

Why do we need a wireless fence system for dogs?

You don’t know, maybe your neighbors are afraid of dogs, or your dog will go from one place to another if there are no fences built within the perimeter of your house. It is better to take advantage of investing in some of the best wireless fence for dogs on the market.

Although the reasons for needing a wireless fence system are the same as a regular fence. The foremost reason why do we need such a fencing system is to prevent our dog to roam around. Mainly to avoid any unfortunate events like accidents and whatnot.

Also, it is to confine dogs at bay so you know where your golden retriever is. Knowing that he is perfectly unharmed especially away from pet thieves. In addition, a wireless system serves as a restriction and a boundary line as to where your golden retriever should be.

Most of all, we need the best wireless fence system for dogs because we are very protective of them and we will be worried sick if we have lost sight of our pet even for just a short period.

It’s actually one of the greatest options to have especially when you don’t have any built-in fence and you live in an open area. Also, to become aware of where your goldie’s current location might be most particularly when you are not at home.

Here are also the other reasons as to why wireless fence system for dogs is beneficial:

It is more affordable

Wireless fence are more inexpensive than traditional physical fences and wired fences. This is because you don’t have to spend on labor, purchase building materials, and even extra fees for installation and maintenance costs.

Good thing the technology in dog products is becoming more developed and manufacturers created a way on how to keep it simple and yet affordable so you will have more savings and also less energy consumed.

All parts are durable

This device is a good investment plus its parts are extremely durable especially if you bought a high-quality wireless fence system. That said, this fence system can adapt to almost any environment. Moreover, they can be set up in your basement or garage, and they are also lightning-proof and waterproof.

Multiple dogs can be assigned to the system

If you have more than one golden retriever, it’s no sweat to add them to your wireless fencing system. This is an excellent idea if you are going to train them about setting boundaries around your property which is very ideal for puppies.

In addition, some wireless fence systems have the option to extend the perimeter into a wider boundary which is a nice option for country living or in farm life.

It’s portable

You don’t have to worry about buying many of these devices and place them in every area you want especially while on an adventure camping. Because this device is portable and can be brought with you anytime and anywhere.

Simply set the radio device on your RV or in the tent and then set the perimeter within the site. This will know you have a boundary that’s set invisibly so you know where your dog is.

This is also great when you are visiting your friend’s or your relative’s house and bringing along with you a Golden. Just set this up to the center of the desired area and it will work perfectly fine.

Great combination with a physical fence

Because a normal fence is just not enough to ensure your golden retriever’s boundary. There might be some holes or damaged fence which your dog can easily slip through.

With the wireless fence being set up, you will feel extra safe with your goldie because the fence is reinforced. So even though they tear the physical fence, you still have the wireless fence to track them down.

Easy to set up

There’s nothing easier than setting up a wireless fence system. What you only need is a simple radio transmitter from the fencing system.

You don’t even have to break a sweat and don’t have any additional labor costs and other fees. No need for a team of professionals. The only thing you need is the device and yourself for the setup.


OUR TOP PICK: Hokita Wireless Dog Fence

Product Description: Our greatest and most beloved pick for these products is the Hokita Wireless Fence System. If quality, durability, safety, waterproof, and other premium graded aspects of wireless fence system for dogs, then definitely check this excellent product. Hokita wireless fence system uses 2.4 GHz technology for greater signal transmission so there's no latency and faulty connectivities, this is also similar to modern-day gadgets that use the same gigahertz for the wider band. In addition to its strong signal, this can be adjusted up to 5 levels of control distance from 100 feet, 200 feet, 300 feet, 500 feet, and 900 feet radius. This is way too big for your goldie's boundary which is ideal for farmlands and country living. Very effective for goldies who are out of control both in their behavior and their boundary line. Its effectivity to dogs doesn't make any harm, instead, it uses static shock and alarm sound accordingly. The dog collar receiver can withstand any harsh conditions with its graded IPX7 waterproof and its receiver which has IP6 in dust-proof makes this become a chameleon in weather conditions. Also, this is made with environmental-friendly materials. Added its reflective strips for visibility at night makes this an excellent design.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Weatherproofness
  • Ease of Use
  • Value for Money


All in all, why bother buying this? It’s because it will be more bothersome if you let your dog roam around out in the open without supervision or worse, don’t have any wireless fence system for restriction of their boundary. So, this is definitely a must-buy for your Golden who has high energy, especially during playtime.


Great design Strong signal
The level of the desired boundary is controllable
Harmless and very effective


Connectivity might get lost when it blocked by objects


Pet Control Wireless Dog Fence

The ideal fencing system in an open area is not the traditional fencing system, but a wireless dog fence system.

Even in complicated and uneven terrain can be covered by this wonderful product of Pet Control wireless pet fence. It’s a great pet training system that offers above and below ground giving you the ease of control and making sure that your golden retriever is roaming freely and safely.

Just set this up with an easy installation without any call for labor help. This is has a pet containment system which is dual-zone meaning it has a wireless fence system for dogs and as well as having 492 feet of 20 gauge inground, underground, and above ground electric wirings.

It limits the stubbornness of your golden retriever. This is all because of its 3 separate shock collars with having vibration mode and beep mode that works on 1 to 10 levels. It’s your matter of preference on how level you want to turn this for your goldie which is great for discipline and for obedience training.

The dog collar receiver has a long battery last which able them to last up to 3 days to a week of pet containment and for dog training. It is fast-charging which this battery can be full at 2-3 hours.

All in all, another great product to invest in. The scope of the boundary is adjustable and expansive that is perfect for complex terrain build and a wide-open space area just like in the farm or countryside. Great for dog training and obedience training making sure that your Golden knows the rules and limitations.

  • Long battery life
  • Fast charging
  • Safe collar shock
  • High price point

JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence

JUSTPET has an amazing reflective collar design this will allow you to see your dog even at night.

This is one of the popular wireless pet fence systems because of the affordable price plus it’s great for training and boundary restrictions

It has 433 MHz frequency and has about 100 levels of adjustment for static stimulation, vibration, and tone making sure that your custom preference matters. This is completely a remote training collar that can range up to 1200 feet. Perfect for mental stimulation.

For those who are wondering if this device is safe, yes, it is. It has non-metallic conductive features to avoid any skin irritation.

The battery is rechargeable for the transmitter and the dog collar receiver. It’s also waterproof graded IPX7 which prevents being damaged from grass, sprinklers, and even puddled water.

Overall, it’s an excellent device to have. It’s fully remote and no need for any in-ground materials which makes it so easy to install. The radius can be adjusted to the preferred range. This has a wide range of electrostatic shock

  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof
  • Safe and effective for obedience training
  • None so far

Feeke Pet Wireless Dog Fence

Feeke Pet Containment System has an adjustable range up to 1640 feet.

This is enough to make your golden retriever have some fun and play freely without venturing further into the borderline. Have no worry and enjoy some other task while your Golden is outside.

The dog collar receiver has waterproof that is perfect for any weather condition and even in humid regions.

If you are training your dog, then this should be the perfect device for obedient training and to understand their limitations in terms of behavior and the boundary rules. With that in mind, the Feeke Pet collar provides sound and static warning functions which is effective yet harmless to dogs.

It has an adjustable collar size that fits all dog sizes from small to large breeds. The battery is fast charging for only 2 hours maximum of charge, and it has long battery life.

This is easy to install and easy to put on your goldie’s neck. The device will automatically start whenever the dog will run and starts to cross beyond the designated invisible boundary radius.

Overall, should you buy it? Certainly. The price is not at all bad and it has a decent range of borderline. The area is adjustable and it’s perfectly safe for any dog breeds of any size. With the fast-charging battery that can last up to several weeks, this product is totally a winner for you.

  • Waterproof graded
  • Adjustable range
  • Harmless for all dogs
  • It can be inconsistent sometimes especially when the land is uneven

PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence

If you are a dog owner with a small to the medium-sized backyard and it’s an open area, you might need something to keep your pet from running beyond your property.

What you will need is a wireless fence system for dogs, and PetSafe is your go-to. This brand has no frills, no unneeded inventions,  they just love to innovate and make things easier for you and your pet.

This has a 1/2 acre radius enough to contain your Golden puppy inside with no harm done. You also don’t need to wire and make your beautiful lawn turn into an awkward-looking mound from the in-ground fence. You just need a transmitter and a dog collar receiver and see for yourself the brilliant idea on how it perfectly works and discipline your golden retriever.

It has a long battery life and able to last for 2 months before it reaches the low battery sign. It’s a waterproof collar so don’t mind if it gets wet or splashed by water all you need is to wipe them and ready for use again.

There’s also a complete set of warning signs that will keep you alert whenever your dog reaches beyond the designated borderline.

All in all, this makes an ideal device for camping and other outdoor activities whenever you are bringing your goldie with you.

PetSafe is among the best wireless dog fence maker that has a knack for quality plus its parts are very durable so no need for sudden replacement. Buying this will be a worthwhile experience and strips away your frustration.

  • Static-free reentry
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to set up
  • Not ideal for larger areas especially in farmlands and country living

Sit Boo-Boo In-ground Dog Fence

Sit Boo-Boo offers a more advanced setting and in-ground electric dog fence which is among the top of the line version of the brand.

This is a perfect device if you are so exhausted of your goldie overstepping their boundary line and getting into trouble with your neighbors. It’s by far their greatest product that has recently come out.

This invisible dog fence comes with industrial-grade copper wire up to 500 feet of the perimeter that can be established and can expand even more up to 20 acres of land.

You have nothing to worry about the correction feature of the dog collar receiver because it has a mixture of static, vibration, and electrical shock. The only thing you have to worry about is how you will use this for your goldie’s sake.

This has 7 different correction settings comes with built-in surge protection, plus you can set the level of tone and static. That said, you can tweak the device with an assortment of warning noises and punishment shocks.

An absolute waterproof and weatherproof from any sorts of harsh weather conditions because of IPV7 rated approved by the quality analysts. This can be submerged up to 3 feet.

Overall, this invisible dog fence system is what you need for your golden retriever. They will need to know what their boundaries are. In addition, this covers a huge area that is suited for a country living or a farm life. A definitely worth for the money for your goldie’s protection and safety.

  • Can withstand even the extreme weather conditions Graded IPV7 which is very watertight
  • Supports more than 1 pet
  • None so far

PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence

The PetSafe free to roam wireless fence has an absolute great appeal for pet owners that are tired of the regular wooden fence and traditional boundary teaching procedures.

That said, this can properly train your goldie to know their boundaries and prevent any disobedience and all the constraints you set for your golden retriever.

Please be aware that this is not advisable to use for puppies or those that have smaller strains that weigh 5 pounds and below.

There’s nothing to worry about the mismatch collar size. The dog collar receiver is very flexible that can match even the largest dogs. Moreover, this is graded high in their waterproof level and safely secure from power surges when there are electric problems.

What’s amazing about this is it provide 5 levels of deterrence and a distinctive training style that provides a warning noise. This enables you to tweak the level of deterrence you want for your goldie to receive whenever they needed some correction.

The receiver collar is battery operated from PetSafe RFA-67 that has a long battery life and it can last up to 2 months.

Overall, this is a nice recommendation for pet owners. It offers great features and ideal for big dog breeds. The setting is customizable. The battery life is decent enough to last for several weeks. It has a watertight feature that is greater than the JUST PET wireless dog fence. Also, you can add more than one pet with this device.

  • Long battery life
  • Static-free reentry
  • Simple set up
  • Not ideal for puppies and dogs weighing 5 pounds under

JUSTPET Wireless Dog Fence

With a wireless dog fence built within your area, it’s super easy to handle multiple tasks at once.

Not only you can tend your garden, fix something on your lawn, or go inside in your house while your golden retriever is out and running within your open area.

You don’t have to worry about closely supervising him. And JUSTPET will handle it so easily.

This wireless dog fence is easy to use and new compared to their older versions and this device have gained and keep a good level of satisfaction from the consumers.

JUSTPET wireless dog fence is flexible from a small perimeter of 10 feet radius all the way around 900 feet, and flexible in increments by 10 feet.

The dog collar receiver has a vibration with 3.7 low-voltage static electric shock, which means this is perfectly safe for your dog. They just needed a slight amount of shock in order to bring a message that your goldie is beyond the border limit.

The product is graded IPX7 which means it has a good waterproof grade. This is great when there are rains, and when your goldie splashes himself into the puddled water. Although this is not quite watertight compared to the other listed products.

All in all, should you use it? Maybe. As you see, this is a relatively new model with a slight improvement that can be made. But it’s an affordable price for a wireless fence system for dogs.

It has a 3.7 low voltage static shock which is not ideal for large breeds because it will do nothing to them. This is great for puppies and small breeds,s especially for training. The waterproof feature also needs improvement but this will not be hampered by any average weather condition.

  • Affordable price
  • What you see is what you get
  • Needs more improvement
  • Not ideal for large dog breeds

What are the problems and limitations of wireless fence system for dogs?

If there are good benefits for wireless dog fencing system, there are also problems surrounding this system.

It’s important to know this also as much as to know the benefits of it in order to identify the weak spot in your area. Also, to understand that what you are buying will solely depend on your terrain and other factors. Below is the list where the wireless fancy system for dogs may have its shortcomings.

Wooded areas are likely to interrupt the signal

Even though you lived on farmland where there is an open area but there’s a few objects that hinder the signal transmission, it’s likely that your goldie’s collar will become unstable because of the objects blocking the signal, not to mention the wooded areas nearby your perimeter. It’s better to have an open field with objects that don’t block the signal from the collar to the transmission to the dog’s collar and vice versa.

They don’t function well in harsh weather condition

Let’s face it, every wireless fence system’s worst nightmares are the blocking of signals from objects and also from harsh weather conditions. Even if you have the best, premium-grade quality wireless fence system, they are futile in hard rains, wintry storms, and others.

This is because radio waves are influenced by atmospheric conditions. They aren’t so reliable just like your wifi when there’s bad weather.

Make sure that you live in a well-conditioned and suitable location for wireless, so you will find no problem with radio signals

It’s never ideal for uneven terrain

Wireless fences’ strong suit is the fairly even terrains. If you reside in an area where the yard has bumps and slopes, and other contributing factors for uneven terrain, then you should opt out of buying a wireless fence system for dogs. You should at least build a wooden fence instead.

The best way is to consult first with the professionals or ask assistance from the manufacturer.

Ask them about your terrain’s situation so they will provide you information and give you some advice. Make an inquiry first or better to build a wooden fence instead. These are your choice for your dog’s safety.

The dog collar receiver is heavy and bulky

The receiver collar of the wireless fence system is usually heavy and bulky which small dogs can’t comfortably wear because of the heaviness.

That’s why it’s suggested for medium to large dog breeds use only. But there are some manufacturers offers lightweight collar so they have no problem bearing it.

Extremely dependent on power source

If there’s a power outbreak, most likely your goldie’s collar receiver will be interrupted and it will become a useless and regular collar and the escape is still a possibility. Good thing that dogs who have undergone training with wireless fence systems knew their boundary well and respect the boundary rules but if it’s not, you are in bug trouble.

Final Thoughts

We hope that we have provided you some of the best wireless fence system for dogs. Also, We are absolutely sure that you already know what’s best for your golden retriever’s safety.

With all these comprehensive details about the pros and cons of the wireless fence system, by now you have a narrow list of the best products. In addition, your number priority is still your goldie’s safety, even you are still on the hunt to buy, make sure that you are giving him close supervision whenever your dog is outside and roaming within your vicinity.

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